Canadian cinema has been in a state of long-term adolescence compared to many other national cinemas since the beginning of the industry, in a sense that it is lost in the ability to establish its identity on a national cinematic scale. This continual struggle is represented in Denis Villeneuve’s Incendies (2010) through religious comparisons, language
Movies and other artistic works mirror what happens in society. Films aim to portray challenges facing people, educate, sensitize, or advocate for change in communities. Genre theory assists film enthusiasts and learners in classifying movies into divergent groups to give viewers an idea of the movies they are watching. Grant (2021) acknowledge that one of
Black Panther is an American produced film that bases its context and content on Wakanda's African –based kingdom. Although the film is more of superheroes, Tre (2018) opines that it is a rich black culture presentation. The exploration in more profound dimensions of the black culture in most films is not sufficient, and thus the
Fitzgerald’s film, “The Great Gatsby”, explores in depth several elements of the American Dream theme and what it means to an individualwithin the context of society. More specifically, the film, through the life of Gatsby- the main character, offers several lessons to the viewer about the reality of the American dream. The creator uses a
Racism is the root cause of slavery in America, and it still exists today. Twelve years a slave, a book by Solomon Northup, clearly shows how the whites committed several injustices against the blacks, and they went unpunished for it. Slavery will always be the most horrific and hypocritical idea in man kinds history. The
Theme Analysis The Family and Society In the play A Doll's House, almost everything seems and looks different from how it appears to be at first. Nora presents at first an unpleasant impression of being a proud, senseless and insensitive lady. We get to discover later that she is making unusual moves and steps to
Would you be able to envision piling on 160 slaughters while battling in a war for the American in the Iraqi war? The film, American sniper is a for the most part exact depiction of Chris Kyle's occasions in Iraq war. The film was generally exact because of the mind-boggling measure of detail in the
Blade Runner 2049 is one of the best sequel movies in the history of sci-fi cinemas. The movie is a science fiction film created by Ridley Scott and was set thirty years after the production of the first film. The film is premiered in Los Angeles, a city occupied by the dregs species of human
Filming involves mise en scene, which is progression of events, actors, décor, costume and the big picture of happenings. In Merlot Madame by Jock Bellamy, the archetype or is universal representation of ladies who are deeply rooted in drunkenness is told. The narrative seems to question the myth of a lifestyle of drunkenness and pleasure
Bliss is one of the most interesting movies that I have watched. It is an eye-catching movie in which a young girl, aged 17 years, is said to have abused, and according to their traditions, the girl must be killed.