Sustainable Forests The era of technological advancement has brought about many changes in the world, one of them being the demand for more natural products. People have become very knowledgeable in terms of health, therefore, demanding that their diet be made of more natural products than before. The demand for healthy foods has put the
Introduction The UAE has matured over time beyond the ‘emerging market status’, but there is increasing concern over the preservation of the natural environment, which has become a top priority for the majority of governmental and quasi-governmental authorities. The man-made lakes, the islands, air-conditioned malls and constant irrigation aids in keeping the gardens green, but
Sustainable Development through Industrial Ecology Sustainable development has been defined as an industrial progress that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This is to minimize the destruction of the natural resources through pollution and depleting these natural resources. This involves the avoidance

Sample Research Paper on Recycling

Introduction Population increase has diverse impacts on the wellbeing of the environment. Essentially, humans depend on the natural resource base for economic wellbeing and sustenance. Coupled with the changing societal lifestyles, increase in population imposes undue pressure on natural resources. In addition to pollution, this trend culminates in resource degradation, misuse, and depletion. The undesirable
The start of 21st century saw the natural resources being under intense pressure, threatened public health, and overall development. Water shortages, water and air pollution, deforestation, destruction of coastlines, and land degradation, has been experienced through population growth.  Population growth has made environmental conservation become a global challenge. More people means that the demand for
Males Females Age Count Population Rate(Per 100,000) Count Population Rate(Per 100,000) Rates Ratio 10-14 27 5004185 0.5395 18 4768218 0.3774 3:2 15-19 73 5067818 1.4404 129 4436012 2.9080 1:2 20-24 150 4567707 3.2839 355 4536702 7.8250 1:2 25-29 234 4317335 5.4200 517 4360035 11.8577 1:2 30-34 399 4341984 9.1893 677 4380641 15.4543 1:2 35-39 469
Introduction The paper provides a comprehensive analysis of energy management in Motkamills considering the different facilities. The management the sources of energy do not only relate to environmental concern, but also it considers the revenues to be earned by the organizations. According to Park et al (2009, p.153), there are various techniques that can be
Abstract As a major component of life systems, water forms a large percentage of factors that support life. This is not only because it is important for our physiological processes, but also because it takes care of hygiene and sanitation. Water is also vital in food production and moistening of the air. The earth surface
When the government of GCC realized of their overdependence on oil revenues, its member countries put across farm emphasis on non-oil sectors for example construction and real estate. The area saw a crowd of people boom and was seriously affected by the economic fall and debt.
Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates is known to be one of the countries that engage in the large-scale production and utilization of iron, steel, and their related products. The countries iron and steel sector is so vibrant that its production capacities can only be compared to those in Japan. The iron and steel