Competency This refers to the efficiency with which one is able to carry out their work, which is dictated by their educational backgrounds and experience. Competency implies that once an individual is capable of carrying out their duties without being closely supervised. Competent professionals are organized and usually keep a track of their completed and

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The consumption of rice among the Asians is high because it is their staple food. Considering the increasing population in the region, the demand for rice will rise.  Based on the global rice statistics, the amount of rice needed to demand of the customers by 2035 is 116 million. This implies that the markets and
Introduction The cement industry is quickly rising among those activities and industries that are viewed to be producing the highest percentage of greenhouse gases in the environment. Greenhouses gases are those gases that are toxic and causing harm to the ozone layer, thus being responsible for global warming. Already, the cement industry is producing 5
Ethics play an important role in shaping up the character of individuals in the society, ethics influences how people work, relate, and generally carry out themselves in the society. In general, ethics can be defined as a code of moral principles that governs and influence the life choices made on a daily basis whether at
The term instrumentation is understood as the science measurement as well as control and its application is used in the modern industry, research, as well as daily living. The various terminologies that are used in process measurement includes the measured variable, measured signal, input signal, output signal, elevated zero, range, span, rangeability, and suppressed zero.

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Spies from the American (NSA) and from the British GCHQ hacked and stole encryption keys from a sim card manufacturer company, Gemalto in Netherlands, which produces about two billion sim cards per year for its clients. Meaning of the incident for mobile security The intelligence agencies would be able to secretly monitor data or voice
The definition of resilience in ecological literature has a notable relationship with disturbance and state of systems. Iconic Canadian ecologist C.S.Holling introduced resilience, several decades ago (Folke 6). Holling (1973) defined resilience as, “a measure of the persistence of systems and of their ability to absorb change and disturbance and still maintain the same relationships

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Soil liquefaction is a phenomenon characterized by the reduction of the soil’s shear strength and stiffness because of the buildup of pore pressure in the soil’s skeleton. A cohesionless soil’s shear strength is determined by the amount of effective stress that the soil is subjected to and the angle at which the internal friction is

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A prism is an optical object and that has the ability to refract light.  It has flat and polished surfaces with an angle (depending on their use) between them. Examples of real-life prisms are glass, plastic, and fluorite (Adorno 3). There are several types of prisms. These include dispersive prisms, reflective prisms, beam-splitting prisms, polarizing

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Hoover Dam extends 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas along the Colorado River in Black Canyon between Arizona and Nevada. “The dam construction took place in the1930s, with the concrete arch-gravity structure intended to prevent flooding, provide water for hydroelectric power and irrigation for the drier states of Arizona and Califonia.”1 Hoover dam was originally