Introduction Comparing Fractions The activity aims at assisting students to develop flexibility with a number of strategies. It sets expectations for various procedures of ordering fractions. Although determining a common denominator of comparing fractions is a good strategy, it is inefficient for numerous pairs of fractions (Ebby, Sirinides, Supovitz, & Oettinger, 2013). For instance, in
Responsible teachers have to undertake to teach students not only the understanding, the knowledge, or the skills they need but to also teach the students the means through which they will be safe both within the school and out of the school where much of internet activities take place. The school internet is set up
Introduction Australia has established a new curriculum where it incorporated new areas. Under the previous Curriculum, it had generalised the Curriculum as "Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE)" or "Human Society and its Environment (HSIE)" (Green & Price, 2019). The new Curriculum is the "Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)." It includes disciplines such as sociology,
This paper is going to look into definition of authentic materials and classification of these materials. It will also look into what an instructor should consider before choosing a particular authentic material. Specific authentic materials that this paper shall discuss are texts, the internet and films. Under each authentic material, there shall be discussion on
INTRODUCTION The Arabic word madrassa (plural: madaris) generally has two meanings. In its more common literal and colloquial usage, it simply means school while in its secondary meaning, a madrassa is an educational institution offering instruction in Islamic subjects including, but not limited to, the Quran, the sayings (hadith) of the Prophet Muhammad, jurisprudence (fiqh),
Innovative After School Program for At-Risk Latino Youth Introduction Effective societal functioning is a function of multiple social, economic, cultural, and environmental factors. Amongst these is the ability of individuals to engage actively in economically rewarding activities. Indeed, healthy and productive individuals make massive contributions to societal growth and development. In order to function well,
Abstract This was a comparative study of biblical and secular modes of discipline within secondary schools in Bomet County, it was important to distinguish between problems with discipline in schools and the various ways in which schools respond to those problems. The study objectives; to find out the forms of disciplinary measures used within Christians
Education is one of the most important pillars of life. It has been associated with numerous positive life outcomes. In every level of education, there are certifications awarded to act as proofs for the completion of the course of study. It can be a certificate, a diploma or even a degree from the respective college
The subject of a teacher’s behavior in and outside the classroom remains the focus of many essays published in education law. However, most of them deal with instructional capabilities, teacher relationship with students, and personal interactions (Getzels, et al, 1999). In the current era of communication devices, some strict education laws are put in place
Education and Gender Equality: The United States Perspective Access to education for all is considered as the number one contributor to national development. In particular, providing universal education for both male and female expands their future opportunities as well as enhancing the per capita income of a nation. Notably, educating girls results into additional socio-economic