The land is arguably one of the most important natural resources that aid in the sustenance of the economy. Human beings use land in various economic activities, including food production, livestock rearing, and timber and energy production, among others. Carrying out these activities while still maintaining ecosystem balance and diversity has, according to scientists, been
The best ecological category that explains human relation with nature is agro forestry. This is where human beings use modern technology to develop new ways and methods of farming trees. These trees affect their lives in one way or another. It affects the wildlife in terms of food and shelter while human beings use it
Dear President RE: CLIMATE CHANGE POLICY I am writing to convey my fear about the looming threat posed by the climate change in the country to the future of the incoming generation and our people. Apparently, scientists agree, and there are overwhelming signs that the rate at which the climate change is taking place is
The project entails the incorporation of the green initiative in home construction, upgrades, and renovations. The project is mainly concerned with spray foam insulation that is expected to add a high R-value than that Batt insulation offers in the same thickness. The insulation is of great importance as it provides a better moisture and air

Sample Case Study Paper on Ecology

The Monroe fire rescue department was founded in the year 1872; the department was merged with the police department in 1980. Among the services the department provides are;  responding to light, and in collaboration with the Union County Volunteer Fire Department, the Monroe fire rescue department responds to the emergency in medical and hazardous materials.
Global Patterns of Atmospheric Heating and Circulation Global patterns of atmospheric heating and circulation influence the climate of particular locations at given times. One of the causes of air circulations on the earth’s surface has been the uneven irradiation of the earth’s surface by the sun. Due to the shape of the earth, much more
Pollution has been listed as the primary global-scale threat to marine life, and over the years, the oceans are facing a dangerous kind of pollutant in the form of plastic debris. The global annual production of plastic has risen from 1.5 million to 299.0 million metric tons over a period of 65 years, accounting for
A lot of individuals are of the belief of that the worth of a substance is only valid when you possess it, once its gone, all you are left with are regrets of how important it would have been.  We have been forced to believe that the present day forms of civilization such as electricity,
Question 1 The degree to which one thinks competition should be fettered or unfettered (i.e. tightly regulated or not) is a critical value that can be used to differentiate people because it shows different people value environmental issues. It does make sense because one can only defend what is important. All typologies are reasonable and
In the contemporary society, many environmental educators are paying less attention to Christians and Jewish, despite the sects having a rich source of environmental information and education. This decision has resulted in several misconceptions regarding the impact of the religious groups on environmental values. According to Barnhill and Gottlieb (1), there seems to be a