The sexual harassment case of Ms. Erma Rodriguez, an Illinois correctional employee, demonstrates that the management failed in its duty to protect its employee’s rights. The management failed to create a good working environment that valued gender diversity and employee’s rights.  Such rights in the workplace are often protected through the establishment of comprehensive workplace
Men who took the role of prison guards became overtly authoritarian. The reason for this is that the role expectation of the prison and the prison guards is to protect the community, mainly by keeping maximum security and control over the prisoners (Talbott & Hales, 2001, p. 369). They can achieve this goal best through
Inchoate crime is an activity one performs when he/she prepares to commit a crime, but fails, or the activity is aborted before completion. Inchoate crimes in the United States and England are considered as incomplete crimes or imperfect crimes. According to the criminal statutes, the known incomplete crimes are crime attempt, soliciting, and conspiracy. In
Introduction Over the last two decades, structured crimes have grown to become more complex and challenging, thus posing a lot of evolving challenges for the United States’ law enforcement. These groups of criminals in the country have transformed their operations in ways that have broadened their reach as well as made it harder for the
Elements of Homicide Intent Act Causation Death Elements of Assault, Mayhem, and Battery Intent Apprehension of a harmful contact Causation Elements of Rape The victim is a woman The offender is a man Requires penetration, however slight, of the vagina No rape if the couple is married or they are separated The woman must resist
Criminal offenses establish a minimum standard of conduct that should be adhered to by members of a collective society failure to which they will suffer criminal conviction and thereafter, punishment (Laurie 41). Further, it is elaborated; criminal law protects personal sovereignty and equal status by proscribing, preventing, and punishment of actions by some individuals that
The fruits of technological advancements in the current millennia cannot be disputed as technology has produced solutions to virtually all areas of human life that were lacking. Despite its positive contribution to society, the ills that technology has come with cannot be overlooked and in Martin Luther King Junior’s words “Our scientific power has outrun
Question 1 Specific intent is popularly used in Tort and Criminal Law to show the required special state of mind, together with a physical act to comprise some torts or crimes. The interpretation of a specific intent typically implies the act was intentional. Courts define specific intent as subjective knowledge that the forbidden outcome will

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Introduction             Crime describes unlawful conduct that violate the stability of a society and are punishable by the state. An act that is often described as a crime does not only harm a single individual but also affects the larger community as well as the state. What constitutes to a crime is often described by
Insurance and Mitigation Insurance and mitigation deals with a variety of areas in natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and tornadoes. It also decreases with upcoming losses of businesses, education facilities, homes and public services (Botzen, 2013). Risks that are involved in mitigation are avoidable. Insurance companies help individuals through mitigation programs designed to reduce