Applied Science and Modernist Cuisine 1. What was your % yield of lipids based on the flour used? Gram of flour Flask Flask Oil Oil Yield Average Group1 11.41 96.27 97.67 1.4 1.23 98 Goup 2 9.5 94.82 95.51 0.69 7.3 98 % yield = 1.23 x 100% 1.4 = 87.86% 2. Comment on the
The article “Social Media Explosion” was written or authored by Marcia Clemmitt, who has served as editor in chief of medicine and health besides her role as the staff writer for the Scientist. (Clemmitt 100) Given that the rate of adopting online communication is ever increasing, what are the potential limitations facing on-line users? The
At present, power generation systems mainly utilize fossil fuels as a supply of energy. Coal and natural gas fall under fossil fuels that are exploited to generate electricity and offer energy for various uses in industrial, commercial and domestic use. The generation of electricity from coal involves combustion of the coal to generate heat, which
Question One Define an acid, base, and salt as they apply to chemistry. Acid – Acid is a substance commonly made of hydrogen ion as well as non-metal ions, and in most cases have a sour taste. However, acid does dissolve in water to form the hydrogen ion (H+), and its acidity level is below

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Purpose statement The purpose of this lab is to determine the number of components in a mixture, the identity of compounds, and the purity of a compound. Also, observing the appearance of a product’s progress is monitored. Chemicals / Physical Data / Hazards Chemical structure Appearance Functional Groups Present Hazard(s) (Irritant, corrosive, toxic, etc.) Acetylsalicylic
A large percentage of the taxpayers’ money is usually utilized in the education sector. It is no news to hear a vast majority of students dropping out from school because of their inability to pay fees. It is with this profound reason that the government is currently using the taxpayers’ money in a bid to