Introduction Known as one of the most frequent sources of discomfort among patients at one point in their lifetime, dental diseases and conditions have come under scrutiny for further research and study. The study of dental biofilms and the entire oral environment forms a great part of this aspect, and the understanding of the underlying

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See Below The scientific description of the term jaw underlies the opposable structure which is articulated at the entrance of the mouth. The jaw has two basic functions that are considered important in life of a vertebrate (Arthur 2010, p. 121). The feeding and the speech/sound functions are the two basic uses prescribed in this
It has been a little over three years since Japan was stricken with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed by flooding by a huge tsunami that was clearly more than what could be anticipated. A catastrophic failure of half of the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant’s nuclear reactors followed, resulting in the deaths of more than 20,500
Ozone is a gas made up of three molecules of oxygen, and takes places both in the globe’s upper space and at ground level. Ozone in the air may have an effect on a person’s health once inhaled. Even moderately low margins of Ozone can result in severe health effects. Personally, I think that every
Professional Growth Ethics are established as formal guidelines for encouraging ethical behavior. Workplace ethics act as aspirations goals. Code of ethics is broad in nature and subject to interpretation by the practitioners. Code of ethics guides individuals in different ways. In situations requiring discrete decisions, such as police cases, ethical behaviors might have varying impacts
Microbial Fuel Cell In the contemporary world, germs or bacteria are strongly repelled at all costs. Children are advised to wash their hands with disinfectants and housekeepers advised to disinfect every item in the home to keep bacteria away. Industries also take caution against germs and are required to adhere to ISO standards of cleanliness.
Introduction Gram positive cocci are a group of bacteria that absorb the crystal violet stain applied in the gram staining technique of bacterial differentiation. Types of gram positive cocci Staphylococcus characteristics; Inhabit the skin and mucous membranes Spherical cells in irregular clusters Lack spores and flagella Have capsules Streptococcus They are classified based on two
Introduction Nations all over the world keep on investing on efficient sources of renewable forms of energy. The current forms of energy are expensive and not sustainable. Countries should invest more in cheaper and long-term sustainable forms of energy that is also in line with the millennium development goals. Personally, I feel that there would
Thermal pollution when water material of high temperatures is released into a water body. The water body is of lower temperature which is raised by the discharged incoming hot water. Thermal pollution is also brought about when water bodies are left exposed to direct sunlight especially when it is very hot, thus increasing water temperature
Air Pollution Effects, How do you feel knowing that the own air we breathe is toxic for us to breathe? The air that people breathe is composed of a number of gases as well as other substances. Some of these are useful to the human body. This has been the case for a long period.