The airline industry has undergone several transformations and adopted a variety of new business models with the aim of accommodating dynamic customer demands and satisfying their needs. In order to differentiate airlines from its competition, various business concepts must be implemented. As a result of a cost leadership strategy, the long-haul low-cost carrier (LHLCC) was
Airlines need an efficient ground service and facilities in order to remain effective and competitive in air traffic operations. There are numerous airports across the globe that support airlines achieve their operations. There are such magnificent airports around the globe, known for their architecture, traffic capacity and international rankings. These airports such as the Heathrow
Many corporate businesses have joined hand with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to work on matters pertaining to environmental sustainability. This is to dismiss the notion that environmentalists are facing risks while working with businesses to achieve environmental objectives (Woodrow W. C. 2010, 25). This collaboration has made immense contributions by targeting the public and the whole
This chapter shows the incoming of the newest jets into the airline industry and how each of the new productions outdid the others. After Boeing upgraded the 707 models in 1959, with the new J-75 engine, governments began buying these jets to set up their own airlines and use regional jets or medium-range jets that
Question 1 The airline will be held liable for the injury suffered by the passenger. The Warsaw Convention (Kouladis 290) outlines that for passengers in an international flight, airline liability arises at the process of embarking until the process of disembarking comes to a halt. Disembarking process requires that the passenger should have reached a
Question One System Safety Approach documentation: this requires that the contractor and Program Manager document the system safety approach as a key aspect of the Systems Engineering Process in managing hazards. Hazards identification and documentation: this is done via a systematic process that entails system software and hardware, system interfaces, the intended application or use
Ever since the pioneering of the first flight by the Wright Brothers more than 100 years ago, and therefore the foundation of powered flights, the air transportation industry has grown to be one of the biggest in the world. Over the past 30 years, air transport has expanded exponentially with thereabouts of 2 billion people
According to the NTSB “there have been a disturbing number of individual incidents of non-compliant behavior, intentional misconduct, or lack of commitment to essential tasks. These occurrences demonstrate an erosion of… professionalism.”   Reflect on the above quote, your personal experiences and class discussions to answer the following questions.  (30-points) In your opinion, briefly explain what
Summary Over the past two decades, the need to improve the transportation system in the US has seen the establishment of several airports. Each of the airports in the US is managed by a specific authority that ensures that effectiveness, improvement of aircraft technology, as well as airline cooperation is achieved. Santa Monica Municipal Airport
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to explore the physical, psychological, and social environment of aircraft on the long haul, operations, and the effects on the crew. Long haul and ultra long haul flight is regarded as a tiring experience. Other objectives of the paper include finding out how the intangible, tangible as well