Abandoning attempts to revisit the moon by 2030 will benefit the United States and the International Space Community. The launch of a new space initiative that will foster discovery and adventure will provide an opportunity for the US community to develop in several ways (Charles Bolden & John P. Holden, Launching a New Era in
  Introduction Established in 1974, Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer that has over 6,340 stores. The retailer is a global organization operating across 88 countries. Zara which is part of Inditex accounts for more than 75% of total Inditex sales. Spain is the largest market for Zara, followed by France, Portugal, Mexico
The petroleum industry is backbone of the economic and financial development of any country. It not only helps the economic development but it also help the country to fulfil the energy requirements. The industry includes drilling, extraction and production of oil from the oil rigs. The onshore oil companies get the oil by drilling on
Section – 1 Introduction There is a need for organizations to install and deploy some form of physical security to protect assets against unwanted damages. This can be done through various techniques and mixes of security technologies, as a comprehensive plan of protecting organizational assets. This document presents a plan for deploying physical security in
Apollo 13 mission spacecraft backdates to 1970 for the third landing lunar mission that was aborted after the space aircraft got involved in an accident. An onboard explosion occurred as a result of the oxygen tank exploding while the astronauts were on a mission to the lunar to explore various scientific activities. The mission’s destination
A spacecraft is a machine or a vehicle designed in a special way to fly into space beyond the earth’s atmosphere for operations. Mostly, they are used for various reasons which include, earth observing, navigation, transport for cargo and humans, communications, planetary explorations, and space colonization. Spacecraft can be classified as either orbital or suborbital
Given its mandate as the chief agency to undertake space programs and research, NASA has often found planet Mars as the main item of exploration and research in recent years. Mars is the third planet away from the sun, and nearest to the earth hence shares a few common features that have made astronomers have

Sample Research Paper on Space Shuttle

The original project of the Space Shuttle was called Space Transport System. Jenkins (2002) claims, “Space Shuttle was a partially reusable low Earth orbital spacecraft system operated by the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as part of the Space Shuttle program” (p. 43). The initial four orbital trials happened in 1981, resulting
One of the recent stormy events that took place in the recent past includes the unexpected return of the royal Caribbean ship. The vessel was nicknamed as “the anthem of the seas” and was built using the latest technology (Brett Michael Dykes TR10). The meteorological equipment installed on the ship would help forecast the weather conditions.
The video talks about Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter’s magnetic field has an influence on everything else, and thus by studying it we can get one piece of the puzzle into how planets and solar systems form. Jupiter has the same ingredients as the sun, the same ingredients vital to life.