Introduction When talking of urban civilization, it is mainly characterized by the three-age system, which is the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Age. In the Bronze Age, this one began in the ancient near east and western Asia. This is where it all began and later came to spread to other parts of the world. With
The Futurist Manifesto by the Italian poet and writer Filippo Tommasso Marinetti is often credited as the work that ushered in the period of futurism (Armstrong 2009). The manifesto is famous for its aggressive views such as the need for the demolition of museums, libraries, and art from the previous centuries. The Futurist Manifesto despite
overview The first evidence of an existing culture in South America is found in Ecuador that stretches to 3200 B.C. It is from this region that the Valdivia culture emerges and grows further south (increasing in human population and development). Pottery effectively replaced textiles ad the main and most popular method to express artistic innovation.
Understandably, in discussing social context the people and the surrounding are the critical aspects in consideration. The environment, the occasion and how an individual reacts in a social context sway the interpretation of the framework. Therefore, social context refers to direct physical and social setting which an occasion happens or in which people live in

Sample Art Paper on Textile

Introduction Textiles have been used by humans from time immemorial after the knowledge of processing fabrics into usable textiles was developed. The textiles are available in various forms depending on the composition of the fiber. The forms available are silk, wool, linen, and cotton. Synthetic and inorganic fibers have been developed over the years and
A museum is a permanent non-profit institution in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited to educate, study, and enjoyment. This paper analyses the experience in the museum giving comprehensive details about the most exciting exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum of art, which is based in New York. The
In this book, the writers present a detailed roadmap and important guide towards future technology and innovation techniques on information technology. Though not yet revised, it is a recently published book that written by academicians and professors of technology at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. With this, they are highly qualified to write on the
Similarities Cassandra and Michael Rock existed in a period wherein design was the focal analogy. Both comprehended that since everything is designed from genes to worldwide partnerships, everything is reasonable diversion for the designer. Design depicts a sort of arrangement: all the conceivable knowns, and foreseen unknowns, of a condition are considered and a game

Sample Essay on Post-Modernism

The critical lens of fragment in post-modernism helps to guide on the different elements in the society. The different fragmentation are expected to work together to promote coexistence. Artwork was used in bringing the different elements of the society. The use of arts is an important aspect in the society as it seeks to improve
Dramaturgs play a very important role in the development of a play. These professionals, however, have different perceptions about how a play should be presented in the theatre. In this essay, there are three writers with different ideas about the presentation of a play in a theatre, which can act as dramaturg. One is Aristotle: