In the 15 th century, the society conducted its activities based on the traditions governing them, and they handled tasks from one generation to the other depending on usage and customs. Practical affairs globally were based on social, political, and religious life. Nobody in the society would sell the family, for it was a taboo.
Introduction Gay marriage is the marriage between two persons or males who are of the similar biological identity or gender. In the current 20th and 21st century a number of same-sex or homosexual unions have come to legalization. However, people have their own contradictory beliefs, views and reasoning's when it comes to gay marriage. It
Bazin Idea of Photography The idea of physically representing images on a light-sensitive paper is answers the need to preserve objects from their timely destruction. The earliest efforts at preserving objects existed in Egypt, whereby mummies embalmed bodies. Through evolution, other forms of representation arose, including art and photography. Although the need to ‘freeze’ life
The thirteen-day October 1962 Cuban missile crisis remains to be one of the tensest moments in the Cold War. United States (US) and the Soviet Republic, engaged in intimidating nuclear weaponry actions that were insightful of general war. The US was concerned about the presence of USSR nuclear weapons in Cuba, which was only 90
Technological advancement and globalization has created a need for technology, such as social media, to provide fast and easy communication even between people in long distances. With social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email, among others, friends and family can communicate via text messages, voice calls, and video calls as well as
Companies that develop various products for human use require regular testing of the products to ascertain the safety of use. Due to the uncertainty new products may come with, inventors had to develop a way to ensure that every product is safe for human consumption before being released into the market. Scientists and product inventors
The Tragedy of the Commons is an article written by an American Philosopher Garrett Hardin. The article argues that overpopulation is exhausting the resources in the world and humans are destined to desolation. It begins by introducing two super powers producing missiles to spread their supremacy and defend their citizens. Hardin argues that this state
There’s a proverb that goes 'A problem shared is a problem halved'. This seems to imply that the best way to solve a problem is by first sharing it (in this case, talking). Which is all good but what if that someone you’re sharing with is not listening? That’s not a problem halved, is it?
ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 2 Tonelli, M., Wiebe, N., Nadler, B., Darzi, A., & Rasheed, S. (2016). Modifying the Interagency Emergency Health Kit to include treatment for non-communicable diseases in natural disasters and complex emergencies. BMJ global health, 1(3), e000128. The article is aimed at bringing into light the importance of incorporating simple medicinal devices and medicines in the
Statistics recently released by the national bureau of statics show that people between the ages of 18 to 35 years take up 75% of the entire population. Unfortunately, of the 75%, only 30% are in formal employment while 25% are in informal work. Approximately 20% of all youths in the country are unemployed and therefore