My name is Shen He. I am one of your constituents who is an advocate of quality education in our constituency. I am writing to propose measures that can be taken to ensure that students are retained in college beyond their first and second years in college. Education is the pillar of our constituency’s development.
Following the rules and regulations of this country and the need to adhere and respect the laid down procedure pertaining settlement of aliens in this country, I hereby wish to submit my humble request for a green card for my son (Alexandar F. Oberkirsch).My son came to this country when he was 15 years old
Re: REQUEST FOR UNIVERSITY TRANSFER. My name is………. I have been admitted to (name your current institution) to pursue a bachelor’s degree course in accounting. However, there are two main reasons for which my request for transfer (to Woodbury University) is based. First, I will easily access the institutions resources due to favorable University location
It is with pleasure that I take this opportunity to inform you of our new accounting book, ‘The Basic Accounting Book’. It has been a culmination of hard work by the author and the reviewers, all of whom are well-known authorities in accounting and bookkeeping. The Basic Accounting Book is an ideal book for beginners

Sample Paper on Job Application

I am writing to apply for the above listed job as advertised on the website that is currently available. I am skilled with marketing techniques that will enable me to handle the specified duties as per the job description. I also possess a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Kent State University. At the university,

Sample Essay on Why Navy

Why Navy Serving as U.S. Navy is one of the most sorts out employment opportunities in the United States of America. The fact that I would be able to serve my beloved country is already an honor.  Besides serving my country, the Navy also attracts respect from the society as well as displaying attributes such
Email Date Name of the Addressee Professional title Organization name Mailing Address City, State, and Zip Dear Mr. (or Ms.) surname, RE: APPLICATION FOR THE POSITION OF FOOD SPECIALIST I hereby wish to express my interest in being considered for an interview in the upcoming recruitment for the position as a ‘specialist food’ in your
It is my pleasure to recommend one of my employees, Wanda, for a position in an Optometrist environment. As her employer since November 2015, I have had the opportunity to work with her directly and know her personality and competences fairly well.
The state of accommodation and student dormitory is not only in a sorry condition, but also far below the recommended standard as per the requirements of the local university council. This letter is a proposal to your office to add extra dormitories for students who opt to stay on campus and reduce the amount of
My motivation to join Illinois comes from my long-borne desire to be a professional Certified Public Accountant, an interest that informed my current studies at IVC and Saddleback Colleges. As a hardworking and committed student, I have learned to associate good life and successful career with academic excellence resulting from proper training. Hence my desire