Many people in US are not cognizant of the fact that America still does not have an official language since it is widely spoken across almost all sectors. Different countries have varied reasons for making certain languages official. For example, Canada’s constitution recognizes two official languages which are French and English mainly for the purposes
Elaine Chun has succeeded as a comedian because of her use of Mock Asian as well as her other ideologies. Chun has always managed to use the aforementioned facets to perform her arts on stage. In fact, she has legitimized her use of racializing styles because people are used to her using them (Chun 264).
Most people believe that race is a social construct. They claim that it is a socially acquired tradition of behaviors and thoughts that include repetitive ways of feeling, acting and thinking. Majority of the people that hold this belief claim that people are not born with propensities for any race. Instead, they are born with