An ethnographic interview is a kind of qualitative research that combines a one-to-one interview and observation that can be made over a period of time (Mai 1). The report presents an ethnographic interview conducted between the ethnographer and a first generation African immigrant in the United States. It is aimed at highlighting their personal experiences
Homo erectus was the first ancestor of modern humans to control fire and make tools which were used for extracting various resources from the surroundings. Homo erectus is a group of the Homo family thatexisted aroundtwo million years ago up until about two hundred and fifty thousand years ago. As thousands of years went by,

Sample Paper on Middle Childhood

Middle Childhood Middle childhood is a stage in child development which is marked with pronounced emotional development. While emotional upsurges may occurs on an occasional basis, children in middle childhood stage are able to communicate their emotions and feelings verbally rather than physical actions. Children at this young stage are able to read feelings and
The main question that motivated Shenk to write the article is the prevalence of sports excellence based on geographical clusters.  He notes the unique capabilities of Jamaican sprinters and Kenyan marathoners in comparison with their immediate neighbors, for instance, the Americans. Despite minimal genetic variation among them with their competitors, athletes from these two countries
The most significant ideas I have borrowed from this reading is that before planning to conduct field research, it is significant to find out about the situation in the selected area of study. For instance, the researcher chose Egypt, but her schedule collided with the  time when the country was making reconstruction efforts (Altorki, 1994).
The lesson about the life cycle, family and gender dynamics in the American culture is very fascinating. Birth among the people of Maya and the early stage of life to baptism shapes the economic and social responsibility of both the female and the male. If a male child was born, the placenta umbilical cord was
“Species” describes a collection of organisms among which two individuals can reproduce fertile offspring, while “population” refers to summation of all organisms of the same species or group living in a designated geographical area and having the capability to interbreed.“Race” concerns a category of people sharing similar and distinctive physical traits, cultural behaviors, and features
The most significant ideas that this reading has taught me is the importance of paying attention to the subject of religion when forming a political system. In most cases, politics is a game played by the economically empowered thus leaving no room for the disadvantaged individuals to enjoy any leadership slots in their governments. I
Introduction Birthday celebrations form an important part of life in most cases. Where and when they occur, people have different intentions, mainly to thank the creator for their life and to celebrate with their friends and family for the time spent together. While in most societies the celebration of birthdays is a reserve for the
La Paloma is the most popular and played, and used for different purposes in different cultures. The song’s prevalence in various nations with varying cultures makes it the greatest song, with its uses and applications varying based on culture. In Zanzibar, for example, the song is used at the end of all wedding ceremonies. However,