1) a) The formula for calculating the value of the bond is; Value of the bond = Present value (PV) of bond interest + the maturity value of the bond at the market interest rate. Bond value = $1000 Interest rate = 4% Interest payments = $50 PV of interest payments = $50 * PVAF
Information technology plays a major responsibility in improving the aggressiveness of a company. Therefore, many business database computer program collections are available in the market. Enterprise resource planning(ERP) IS explained as a database software package that supports all of business processes and operations including marketing, financial, human resources among other fields. Alles et al. (2018).
Executive Summary The aim of the project is to study about the various concept involved in auditing. The preliminary assessment of materiality for the financial reporting is analyzed. The preliminary assessment of the audit budget and the effect on changing the same is discussed. An analytical review of the income statement is performed from the

Sample Essay on Control Tests

Control tests are audit procedures taken to test how effective control measures are, in preventing or detecting statements that contain mistakes at applicable assertion level. Examples of audit procedures include, inquiries and inspection of records and duties. The purpose of test controls are based on expressing a position on how successful are internal controls over
Case Study 1 General funds: These are funds established to account for resources devoted to financing the general services which the governmental units perform for its citizens.  These include general administration, protection of life and property Income Statement For The Period ended 31st December, 2010 $ $ Incomes Revenue  438,100.00 Proceeds from sale of Beach
Flowcharting segments for several operations As a starting point, the transactions based within the magnetic tape will be used in the process of updating a master file stored on magnetic storage tape. The step by step sequence of transactions that proceed to be stored on magnetic tape compile over time to create and progress a
What to Benefit for Accounting Business organizations stand a better chance to enjoy a wide array of benefits from the adoption of effective accounting practices in their business activities. These benefits vary considerably depending on the effective measures taken to make sure that the best accounting practices are incorporated to manage resources. In other words,
What to Benefit from Accounting on Companies Accounting is an interesting discipline whose practice is highly recommended among companies irrespective of the nature or model of the business. Quite a lot of benefits accrue to this practice because of the fact that accounting enriches businesspersons with knowledge that is essential in the daily operation and
Executive Summary Great African Wear is another clothing store that indulges the African-American cattle rustler group in Washington DC. As our name recommends our center is to give western wear clothing and embellishments, and situate ourselves as the leading retail store adjusting this specific business sector. Our company is the leading and final African-American possessed
Hudson notes that over 50% of fortune 1000 companies use the balanced scorecard that was invented by Kaplan and Norton in some way (par 1). The implementation of balanced scorecard enables organizations to better communicate their strategies and evaluate the strategies that are more effective compared to others. It also assists in finding out the