Sample Research Paper on Stock performance

The stock performance matrix indicates that the share price of Southwest Airlines increased by 1.55% over the period under consideration. The marginal increase in Southwest Airlines share price can be associated with the company’s announcement on increase in its revenue passenger mile by 7.2% year-on-year in November (Zacks Equity Research 1). On the other hand, Ford Motor Company share price increased substantially by 12%. The increase was triggered by the company’s announcement on its intention to raise an additional $2.8 billion long-term debt to facilitate the company’s investment in new technology. One of the technologies that the firm intends to invest in entail development of self-driving cars. In raising the long-term debt, the company intends to raise $1.5 billion by issuing a 10-year note that has a substantially high yield to maturity of 4.356%. On the other hand, the company intends to raise $1.3 billion by issuing a 30 year note that has a yield to maturity of 5.291%.  This announcement played a significant role in enhancing investor confidence on the company’s future competitiveness (Woodall & White par. 1).

Anheuser Busch InBev NV Incorporation stock price increase by $1.66 was a result of increase in the company’s competitiveness in the brewing industry. The company’s has managed to strengthen the strength of its brands hence resulting to increase in investor confidence (Gupta 1). On the other hand, the increase in stock price for Lumber Liquidators Holding Incorporation is associated with the change in the company’s management structure in an effort to enhance the company’s performance. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, John Presley, was replaced by the Chief Operating Officer, Dennis Knowles, who has vast financial knowledge. The company intends the restructuring to enhance the firm’s performance (Seeking Alpha 1).