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Sample Research Paper on Recruiting and Retention in the Restaurant Business

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Sample Research Paper on Recruiting and Retention in the Restaurant Business


Dear professor Manders,

It is a pleasure as I take this chance to submit a report on ‘Recruiting and Retention in the Restaurant Business’ as commissioned by the business studies department.

The report tackled three main key areas of the topic;

  • Significance of several approaches to the recruiting process including turnover.
  • Determination of strategies and methods to encourage employee retention in the restaurant business.
  • Analysesof managerial factors which create a well-balanced restaurant environment for employees and customers.
After a thorough research on the topic, I was successful and the following are some of my findings;
  • Proper hotel management is the ultimate factor that impacts recruitment and retention(Recruitment)
  • Pay packages are not the main problem why employees call it quits from their hotel workplaces.
  • Managerial justice and fairness in regards to employees is the key factor to creation of a well-balanced restaurant environment for all staff (Allen and Bryant, 3-18).

Therefore, I would to appreciate and thank you for the opportunity that your assigned report gave me to acquire more knowledge regarding management of the most important resources in the hotel industry, hotel employees. I am now proud to say that I am familiar to all recruitment and retention strategies that can lead to a successful hotel business under the best human resources.




(Name), student

Business Communication




















Table of contents

Letter of transmittal 2

Interview.. 5

Survey. 7

Works Cited. 9

























Recruiting and Retention in the Restaurant Business

The following is a list of questions and their answers on an interview with Barbara Washington, manager at Transylvania Cosmopolitan Hotels, conducted on June 28, 2015.

Q1. In your opinion how would you describe the importance of human resource in the restaurant business?

A1. Human capital becomes first before any other resources in any given organization regardless if restaurant or not. There ought to be people to coordinate and work with other resources towards achievement of the laid objectives hence a reason to set up strong human resource departments.

Q2. How do you apply technology in recruitment processes?

A2. Normally we advertise recruiting exercises over the internet and communicate through e-mails. Also, online assessments with unique software help out when there are a lot of candidates.

Q3. What are the key factors you consider in recruitment process?

A3. Basically, we prioritize quality and cost reduction hence most of our recruiting is based on merit of recruits and the process is short enough to avoid unnecessary costs.

Q4. What are the possible concerns or issues in the recruitment to restaurants?

A4. There are plenty of challenges especially obtaining well-trained staff since the industry requires professionals like chefs and attendants. Hospitality sector has not attracted a lot of students hence there is no plenty number of professionals out there.

Q5. How can you describe the problem of employee turnover in your restaurant business?

A5. It common for employees to quit but my restaurant has laid down several strategies including stable management policies to ensure retention and loyalty of the employees.

Q6. What do you think is the major drive for employees’ turnover in your restaurant?

A6. Actually it is not primarily pay as most people would think. A few of those who have left our restaurant quit to meet their esteem and self-actualization needs by obtaining bigger titles and jobs in other organizations.

Q7. How does employee turnover affect your operations?

A7. It is hard when an employee terminates their services since you ought to find replacements that need a lot of time and cost to learn and familiarize with the working environment


Q8. What is the best strategy to curb employee turnover?

A8. Basically, the best strategy lies with the management. The management can create a conducive working environment of just and fairness especially in promotions and participation in decision-making, and a workplace free from stress with issues such as bullying.

Q9. What do you think might happen if employee retention is disregarded?

A9. This may be detrimental to the restaurant in terms of survival and profit making. If there is massive employee turnover, there is possible reduction in service provision and their quality hence the deadly impact.

Q10. How does your restaurant ensure effective recruitment and retention?

A10. Transylvania Cosmopolitan Hotels has totally embrace human resource hence setting up of a busy HRM department to ensure that human capital management is adequate and well-observed.




















Recruiting and Retention in the Restaurant Business

The following survey questions are intended to unravel the various policies employed in the restaurant industry in regards to recruitment and retention of human resources, employees. The questions have multiple choices of between two to four that you will answer by a tick or a mark or cross where appropriate.

Q1. What do you consider the most important area in an organization of the three?

  1. Financial capital resources
  2. Human capital resources
  3. The management

Q2.Does your organization apply technology in its recruitment process?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Partly

Q3. What is the main factor that human resource management should consider in recruitment process?

  1. Academic merit of recruits
  2. Experience of recruits in the industry
  3. Recruitment cost
  4. Possible pay packages to recruits

Q4. What do you think is the overall impact of employee turnover to an organization?

  1. Adverse
  2. Moderate
  3. Not Adverse/Favorable

Q5. What is the main technique employed for employee retention?

  1. Improved pay package
  2. Employee training and development programs
  3. Just management policies

Q6. What may be the main reason for employee turnover?

  1. Injustice and fairness in the workplace
  2. Insatiable payment
  3. Need for self-esteem and actualization needs fulfillment
  4. Poor management

Q7. What would be the worst hit area as a consequence of employee turnover?

  1. Productivity and service delivery
  2. Management
  3. Business reputation

Q8. What may be the sure way towards effective recruitment and retention in the restaurant business?

  1. Establishment of HRM departments
  2. Improvement in general business management
  3. Improving payment for quitting employees



















Works Cited

Allen, David G, and Phillip C. Bryant. Managing Employee Turnover: Dispelling Myths and Fostering Evidence-Based Retention Strategies. New York: Business Expert Press, 2012. Print.

Recruitment. London: Teachers TV/UK Dept. of Education, 2006. Print.


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Sample Research Paper on Recruiting and Retention in the Restaurant Business

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Sample Research Paper on Recruiting and Retention in the Restaurant Business

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Sample Research Paper on Recruiting and Retention in the Restaurant Business

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Sample Research Paper on Recruiting and Retention in the Restaurant Business

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