Sample Research Paper on Mission Statement

A mission statement is an organization’s short statement that outlines its purpose, identifies the scope of the organization’s operations: the kind of products (goods and services) it offers, its primary customers and it geographical region of operation. In most cases, the mission statement may encompasses short statements of organizational fundamental philosophies as well as values and the desired future state. The primary aims and goals of the mission is often anchored on guiding the actions of the organization as well as spelling out the baseline for decision making.In many cases, the organizational missions are usually remained unchanged because they define an organization’s purpose. Accolade

What I like about the mission statements that I have read among many reasons include, they provide direction to the institutions. The mission statements direct the institutions into the right direction resulting into making decisions which are beneficial. The mission statements also provide a clear purpose. For example, the Los Angeles City College mains purpose is to empower students to achieve their educational and career goals.

What I do not like about some mission statements in their vague nature. The mission statements are vague and not very optimistic. This vague missions can deteriorate the performance of teachers, students and even stakeholders within the institution and lower their morale. Poor decision making from the unclear mission statements could, in the long run, be a waste of resources and time for the organization. For example, the Pierce’s College mission statement is too general and has not outlined the opportunities it offers for the success of the students – it is unclear.

The mission statement for Pierce College is “Pierce College is a student-centered learning institution that offers opportunities for access and success in a diverse college community.” I highly recommend the institution to add a clause on how it empowers its students through education and other co-curricular activities to make them productive in future.