Sample Research Paper on Investing in stocks

During the week ending November 18, 2016, Southwest Airlines shares experienced a significant gain. The LUV stock price increased from a low of $46.91 to a high of $47.06, which indicates a $0.15 gain. The increase is associated with the announcement by the company’s Board of Directors to issue offer shareholders a quarterly dividend of $0.10 per share, which is applicable until the end of 2016 financial year on December 8, 2016 (PRNewswire par.1).

On the other hand, Ford’s stock price opened at a high of $11.87 and closed at a low of $ 11.76, which represents a declined by $0.11. The decline in the company’s stocks is associated with the announcement that the company expects its pre-tax profit to decrease in 2017 compared to its 2016 performance. The decline in profit level will emanate from the company’s decision to invest in emerging opportunities in 2017 (Staff par. 1).

Anheuser Busch InBev NV Inc., stocks declined from $102.06 at the start of trading to a low of $ 101.88 at the close of trading on November 18, 2016. Thus, the company’s stock shed $0.18 of its price. Despite the decline, the stock price is expected to improve substantially as analyst perceives the price to be undervalued (Almanza par. 3).

Unlike Ford’s and Southwest Airlines shares, the stock price for Lumber Liquidators Holding Incorporation increased from a low of $16.83 to a high of $16.90. This represents a marginal increase of $0.07 per share. The marginal improvement is associated with the company’s decision to settle a class-action investor lawsuit. In making the settlement, the company issued 1million common stock shares valued at $16.8 million. Moreover, the court dismissed all claims in lawsuit (Richmond Times par. 1).

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