Sample Research Paper on Investing in stocks

As a potential investor, I intend to diversify my investment portfolio by investing in stocks listed in the stock market. An evaluation of the stock market led to identification of stocks from four main companies as evaluate herein.

Southwest Airlines- 500 shares of Southwest Airline will be purchased. The airline’s stocks are traded in the New York Stock Exchange market under the ticker symbol LUV. Selection of Southwest Airline shares is informed by the airline’s resilience to market changes.  Moreover, the airline is expected to improve its capital spending (Zacks Investment Research par. 4).

Ford Motor Company; similarly, 500 shares of Ford Motors Company, which are traded under the ticker symbol F in the NYSE, will be purchased. The choice of purchasing these stocks is informed by recognition of the market’s resilience. In the recent past, Fords stocks have plunged significantly. However, the company’s stocks have recovered. From 2012, the quarterly dividends on Ford’s stocks have grown by 200% (Pan par. 5).

The third category of stocks will include stocks from Lumber Liquidators, LL, 500 shares. The decision to purchase these chairs is informed by the company’s decision to restructure its production process by ceasing offshore production (Kilgore par. 7). This move will increase market acceptability of the company’s products in the domestic US market, hence improving the market performance of LL shares.

The last category of stocks will involve 500 shares of Anheuser Busch InBev NV Inc., -BUD. The company’s stocks are expected to grow following the approval of its merger with SABMiller (Larner par.1).

Incorporation of the above shares in development of the portfolio will play a essential role in increasing the likelihood of maximising portfolio returns.


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