Sample Paper on Reassurance to Staff Members

As you are aware, our firm upholds a robust strategic vision and the management is sure of a bright future in the technology industry. In spite of measures the firm has taken including minimization of its operation in all departments. Things have not gone well considering the continued rise in expenses and decline in sales.

Consequently, we have reached a decision to slash 10% of our workforce for the company to maintain productivity. We believe that the downsizing will help BrightWave Tech, to stay firm.

We are committed to ensure that we not only stay afloat rather we come out strong. Layoffs are not option for any other organization but inevitable in this harsh economic turmoil, this is only geared at making the company gain its financial muscle.

The firm has always served with the interest of its employee at heart; therefore we have put in adequate measures to help those that have lost their jobs pick up. Furthermore we would like to assure you that we remain sturdy and well placed for resurgent.

We  know how hard it is to digest the news considering it has in one way or another affected us, though your adjustment and staying focus is vital and a renewed effort is advised, knowing that the company values and regards  your contribution towards its development target.


Shirley Schmidt,

Director, Employee Relations


Following  the letter above I used indirect approach as the news was not good and had to begin with a buffer, that is a reassurance to the reader, so as to postpone the  news and win trust from  the staff that despite  the layoff all will be well.

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Furthermore one need to be genuine and honest in communicating bad news and you ought to handle it in a manner that doesn’t hurt the reader. Well choice of words, sentence, paragraph and phrase construction can help pacify the reader’s shock by making them realize you meant good and do appreciate them despite being upset. The first role of a leader is to be a clear communicator. And one of the toughest challenges for a communicator is to deliver bad news. So leaders who want people to take them at their word in good times had better choose their words wisely during bad times. (Sittenfeld)

If the news sounds bad and likely to evoke emotion ensure that you are legitimate and clear on your writing. Don’t get carried away by emotions. Despite of the upset or the issue at hand try to motivate the readers so as to make them stay focus.

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In cases of crisis like layoff in the letter internal communication is vital in bolstering employees’ morale, as Paul A. Argenti notes that when a situation or a crisis like above occur communication from the top leadership should be the first move of action to restore confidence among the employees and also to boost their morale. The director’s move to address the staff directly brings out that leadership and concern needed by employees.

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While writing I had to put in mind and understand the implications of the message and the expectations of the readers who were the staff that needed morale boost, When your reader’s ego is involved, opening with the negative message would violate the reader’s expectation and damage rapport, …the more the negative information concerns the reader as a person, the greater the need for psychological preparation especially when it touches on his ego.
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Motivation of the reader was also very important so as to assure them that all was well, despite the layoff and that the company was geared towards achieving its goals with the employees in mind. This will enable them to realize that the top management is aware of the situation. Though verbal communication will be vital than written (letter) as it assures employees especially when you have an up-close with them. Argenti notes that address directly subject matter. He emphasizes that at such distress time workers would need to see their concern handled with priority. he stress that oral communication will drive the point home fast than written one, especially if it’s the leader handling the situation.

Web. 18. Nov. 2014.

The channel of communication is very vital, it’s been found that employees often are unease with communication from management and instead prefer other medium. Hence channel of communication is very important. Also staying focus with a plan in place in times of distress is vital towards boosting employee’s morale and a must prerequisite for a good leader is to be a good communicator not to forget that one of the most demanding challenges for a communicator is to deliver bad news. So leaders who want people to take them at their word in good times had better choose their words wisely during bad times (Argenti Paul).