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Sample Paper on Proposal for Consulting Services

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Sample Paper on Proposal for Consulting Services


            The blackberry is one of the renowned companies in the phone production industry. The blackberry company was among the first organizations to create a high end product in the phone production industry. The company enjoyed a large market share in the united stated for the better part of the twenty first century until the emergence of apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. The blackberry company is a Canadian organization that has had great success in the last few years. However, the competition from Apple and Google affected the growth of the company adversely since the year 2011.

The management of the blackberry company was not prepared for the new changes in the market, which has influenced the organization negatively. The production level and the revenue success of the company have been dwindling in the recent past because of the competition posed by Apple and Google. The lack of preparedness and the inability of the human resources to figure out a way to compete at the same level with the two competitors have reduced the effectiveness of the company greatly (Mankin, 2009). Therefore, there is a need for the organization to figure out an internal approach that will help in mitigating the problem.      

Problem Definition

            The blackberry company is facing both a productivity and revenue problem. The production of competing products by Apple and Google has rendered the blackberry product invaluable to the consumers. Although a few people still use the product, many consumers consider the blackberry products inferior to the apple and Google products. The company has not been able to match the consumer needs in the Smartphone industry thus facing many revenue struggles. Further, the productivity level of the company has reduced tremendously because of the dwindling employees’ morale in the company. Although the company continues to come up with ideal products, the marketing approaches used by the organization do not create enough variations between the products. As such, the lack of variation in products limits the ability of the brand to create and maintain an image in the minds of the consumers (Hodgson & Willows, 2010).

The company needs to change its marketing strategy to focus on rebuilding the brand, which will in turn improve the productivity and the revenue levels of the company. The failure to handle the problem at hand had both long term and short-term impacts. For instance, in the short term, the company will lose its control over the market as well as the customers’ confidence. In the long term, the management will be forced to sell the organization to a different company and lose its innovations for good. 







Productivity                                        revenue




Undifferentiated products

Low employee morale

Competitive products from apple and Google

Inferior products

Poor marketing approaches

Unpreparedness for change

Lack of innovative skills



Low financial outcome

Higher cost and low revenues










            The purpose of the intervention is to improve the productivity and the revenue level of the company by equipping the human resources with the necessary skills. The human resources of an organization have a direct impact on the success of the organization. Further, the human resources are responsible for the marketing techniques that will place the brand of the company in its rightful position (Mankin, 2009). The objectives include:

  • To create a rebuilding the brand kind of marketing for the organization
  • To improve the employee morale and innovative skills through performance appraisal and reward systems
  • To create a management and leadership development plan that will improve the skills of the executives.
Scope of Intervention

            The purpose of the intervention is to equip the human resources to improve the productivity and the revenue levels of the company. The success of the blackberry company is tied to the ability of the human resource to function effectively and rebuild the organization’s brand. Additionally, the success of the company is dwindling because, the smart phones and the other products that the company releases to the market are not differentiated enough to attract the right client. As such, the organization needs to work on its innovative skills to ensure that products are differentiated enough for consumers to understand the variations. The intervention will help the organization to acquire innovative human resources and develop the available ones through training and coaching programs (Hodgson & Willows, 2010). Innovation skills can be learned, but the company needs to get external human resources who are equipped to produce the necessary products.

            On the other hand, the intervention will seek to improve and change the scope of the marketing processes of the organization. The company needs to focus on brand rebuilding marketing techniques that will differentiate the blackberry products from the rest of the smart phone in the world. Before the emergence of Apple and Google’s smart phone products, blackberry was the only known company in the Smartphone production industry. Therefore, the new competition compels the company to use different marketing techniques to differentiate their products from the competitors and set a memorable image in the minds of the consumers. The intervention will focus on training the marketing team on the various skills that can improve the company’s brand in the market place (Mankin, 2009).

            The intervention will make use of the action research model because it aims at solving a problem at hand as well as providing guidelines for future practices. The intervention will take four steps, including diagnosis, planning, action, and evaluation. Since the intervention seeks to improve the productivity of the human resources, the personnel will be included in every step of the intervention process to ensure effectiveness. Further, the intervention targets the entire organization, but more specifically the human resources involved in the production and the marketing department of the organization. The executives will also receive training on the importance of communication and essential management skills during the transition period (Hodgson & Willows, 2010). To gather the necessary information, the evaluator will hold group discussions with the involved parties to understand the situation of the company better. Further, the evaluator will review the company’s documents to understand the various essentials that are needed to create unique products. However, the intervention will not focus on other aspects of employee productivity other than those touching on marketing and product differentiation.

Change of Scope

            In case the client changes the scope of the intervention after the proposal is submitted the scope of the research will be revised with an alteration on the fees. The fee increment will cater for the data collection and the production if the necessary materials.


            The evaluation process will include a performance appraisal for the employees involved in the intervention. The consultant will measure the improvement in the innovative skills and the impacts of the new marketing techniques through the number of sales that the company records. The effectiveness of each approach will be recorded on a weekly basis.

Client Responsibilities
  • The client will provide the consultant with the company’s document
  • The client will grant the consultant access to the human resources and provide a working space for the consultant.
Consultant Responsibilities
  • The consultant will provide a weekly report to the management team to ensure that the results of the intervention are implemented within the organization.


Future Outlook



Productivity                                                    revenue


  • Differentiated products
  • Improved employee morale
  • Superior products
  • Matched consumer needs
  • Brand recognition
  • Improved innovative skills
  • Well equipped marketing and production department
  • Improved marketing techniques


  • Lower cost of production
  • Improved financial benefits


















Hodgson, A. & Willows, D. (2010). Effective marketing, communications and development. Melton, Woodbridge: John Catt Educational.

            Mankin, D. (2009). Human resource development. New York: Oxford University Press.


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Sample Paper on Proposal for Consulting Services

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Sample Paper on Proposal for Consulting Services

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Sample Paper on Proposal for Consulting Services

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