Sample Paper on Nothing is Impossible

Most of the people in the world live their lives afraid of the impossible. Scott says that 80% of the population in the world does things that provide money and not something that quench their souls thirst. The bulk of persons in the world lead lives of quiet desperation. Scott’s speech is very inspirational. It takes anyone off the complacency chair. One feels like reaching for the impossible almost immediately even though it is a process. Scott talks of unique strengths, values, and experiences. Knowing these things aids in one’s road to success. The people one hangs out with are what make him. It is a fact that anything is always impossible until someone does it (Freedman, 2009).

Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to be an entertainer. I want to live my life making the lives of the people around me better by entertaining them. It did not matter what form of entertainment but it mattered that I entertained. Now that I am grown, I figured I want to be a music producer and sound engineer. Making great music for the people does not only satisfy me but makes other people smile. Spreading messages through music reaches nearly all corners putting one in a position to influence so many lives. Living my life spreading positive energy through music would be a drive of motivation for my future life.

Growing up I have always taken an interest in music makers. It did not matter, and it still does not matter whether singers, producers, and engineers it is all the same to me. Anything to do with music inspires me.Mystudies giveme the necessary skills to make sound decisions considering the career I am opting. It puts me in a position to understand the ways to go about it thus giving me a better chance of succeeding. The assets I gain in my education put me in a position to understand how to carry out my business because the entertainment world is full of cons. Knowing how to handle my business, what to risk and what not to risk will be something I meet all the time in the career I opt.

My close pal Sam and I visit a studio nearby. We have identical dreams hence the reason we are so close. He helps me remember the target when my vision gets fuzzy. Talking to the music engineers and producers at the studio time to time gives us an extra edge. The engineers and producers told us that just like us, they all started with a dream. The difference is some people quit because it gets a little harsh and then opt for an easier way out. My pal and I know the road is tough, but we are going to be there to help each other during hard moment until we reach our goals.

Everyone has a dream. Some people are just too scared to pursue them because they are afraid of failure. Living a life where one has to wake up and go to an unpleasant job because it provides a living is a shameful life. Becoming a self-expert and knowing one’s self is important. When one hangs around ordinary people with similar dreams, they achieve the extraordinary, and it soon becomes normal. The only thing that limits possibility is imagination; dream crushers will kill one’s imagination because they are among the mass of men who live lives of quiet desperation.



Freedman, R., &Barnouin, K. (2009).Skinny Bastard: A Kick-in-the-ass for Real Men Who Want to Stop Being Fat and Start Getting Buff. New York: Running Press.