Sample Paper on Journal Article Analysis #2

Prepare an analysis of a peer-reviewed journal article based on a business related topic. The article must represent contemporary research; it should not be dated before 1998. Post your analysis and PPT in Dropbox for this assignment by the due date.

Your analysis must demonstrate your comprehension of course concepts and topics and should consist of the following components:

Introduction:  Your introduction should include a thesis statement, which explains the purpose and focus of your essay.

Discussion of the topic: Introduce the topic and discuss the purpose of the research. What problem is being investigated or analyzed? To whom is this issue important? Why? Define and discuss key terms or concepts; explain the significance of these concepts or any variations in the definitions.

Results, Findings, Conclusions:  Summarize the results, findings and conclusions of the study. Discuss why these results are important. To whom are these results important?

Implications for professional development:Explain how this research or the conclusions of the research relate to your professional development.

Conclusion: Include a brief paragraph to conclude and summarize your essay.

This assignment must be typed and submitted in APA format. Follow APA to cite your sources. Format the essay using MSWord, 1” margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font. Use headings to organize your essay.

Following the template provided, this analysis should be provided in 2-3 pages. Read and edit your document to ensure you have addressed each section of the analysis. Your essay should demonstrate your understanding of the article and the concepts discussed.  The paper should not consist of substantial quotations from the article: analyze, synthesize, and summarize.

Then create a PPT for this paper which summarizes and presents your analysis and conclusions. The presentation will be evaluated based on the content as well as the design.  The PPT must consist of at least five slides, and include an audio of the presentation. The presentation should be between 5-7 minutes long. Submit the PPT along with the essay.