Sample Paper on Business Entrepreneurship

Business is one of the essential elements of the currently developing world. Almost every sector in the world relies on one business activity or the other to operate. Therefore, in the course of my studying business as a universal discipline, I would prioritize entrepreneurial studies. Entrepreneurship is an essential area in business that I could only be willing to learn at the University of Dayton if I were to learn a single thing. Entrepreneurship is the capacity and ability of developing, organizing, and managing resources. It involves coming up with a viable and feasible idea and transforming it into an opportunity, gathering resources and assuming the risk. An entrepreneur, therefore, is a manager or an administrator who is willing to take a risk regarding a business opportunity with the main goal of making a profit. Secondary objectives of an entrepreneur then involve growth and survival in the turbulent and competitive business environment(Bygrave & Zacharakis, 2008, p. 2-3).

I desire to learn entrepreneurship because I realize the importance of entrepreneurs in the society and economy. They are creative minds and innovators key to the current and future successful economic development. Creation of employment of opportunities to job-seekers, manufacturing local products to cut imports, introducing new market technologies, and contributing to the domestic product or income through tax payments are among the benefits derived from entrepreneurship culture. Besides, social change and production of skilled manpower are possible outcomes of an entrepreneurial society(Bygrave & Zacharakis, 2008, p. 5-34). This shows that if there is a culture the society should promote, it is the entrepreneurial culture. Learning this business discipline could help me achieve my dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Maybe the biggest reason that I am interested in this area is because I want to employ myself and be my own boss; we are not thriving in an economy with plenty of jobs.




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