Sample Paper on Arrow Company


Arrow Transportation Systems an international company that offers services in the transportation industry through road, water, and rail. The company, which is almost a century old since it began its operations, operates on value chains that assume both manual and technology components. The company is renowned for offering effective transport solutions, where it works with a diverse customer base and a variety of products in Canada, as well as in the U.S. The success of the company is accredited to all-encompassing leadership, quality customer experience, as well as the utilization of modern technology to enhance efficiency. Arrow’s technology department has embarked on one of the best cloud-based platforms all over North America, where all trucks are fitted with high-tech tracking system to enable customers to track the movement of their goods. The company owns three brands, which include Arrow Transport, Arrow Marine, and Arrow Reload. However, most of the company’s operations are carried out in British Columbia through trucks that are leased to drivers. Arrow’s value chain is also split into upstream and downstream constituents, where the upstream component incorporates multiple companies that enable Arrow to offer quality services. Examples of upstream component include trucks, trailers, tyres, and fuel. The downstream component integrates the aspects that facilitate the delivery of products. Some of the company’s indirect stakeholders include insurance firms and legal agencies. Such stakeholders enable the company to deal with intellectual property issues, as well as safety of its employees. Arrow has also opened technology affiliate company, Streamline Transportation Technologies, which utilizesthe latest technology to design and generate hardware and software to facilitate operations within the transportation industry. The technology facilitates in fleet management by maximizing fleet operations, in addition to decreasing asset costs.