Sample Essay Paper on Gallup Poll Assignment

Gallup is an organization that delivers analytics and guidance to assist organizations and leaders solve pressing issues. The company has over 80 years of experience working with different partners globally. Gallup concentrates it knowledge on behaviors and attitudes of customers, employees, citizens, students across the world. Over time the company established a microeconomic path over which organizations and leaders can fully maximize human efforts to upsurge organizational performance. Gallup has able consultants with the capability to use skills and experience to address problems with an aim to enhance organizational strategies. As a result, this approach has made it possible for the creation of unique techniques and tools for attaining highest performance levels in companies.

Gallup also engages firms and leaders to realize a breakthrough in employee, customer engagement. On the same note, Gallup enables firms to develop good organizational identity and culture, ensures leadership development and enhancing entrepreneur culture as well as talent-based worker assessments. The other good thing is that Gallup has renowned professionals in diverse industries ranging from, healthcare, finance, banking, automotive, consumers goods, government, education, real estate and hospitality.


The company prides itself for ensuring integrity and transparency of its data. Gallup uses the most scientifically accepted and proven methodologies over 160 states in the globe. Gallup conducts rigorous research exercise to ensure the highest standard levels through Daily tracking, Gallup World Poll Surveys, and Gallup Poll Social Series. Through these measures, the company manages to track public opinion and thinking on important matters that matter in the society.

Gallup Daily tracking

The company has divided this into two polls namely, Gallup-Heathway Well-Being Index, and Gallup U.S. Daily. With these, Gallup holds random interview for 500 adults in every single survey throughout the year. Then the firm conducts an extensive examination of the large samples on daily basis. Thereafter, Gallup reports all results in community and state levels.The U.S. Daily measures the perceptions and opinions of American citizens on economic, political, and current issues. This involves up-to-date information on presidential appointments and Americans attitudes on employment, economy, personal finances, spending behaviors and firms’ hiring situations.

On the other hand, The Gallup Poll Social Series entails topical issues on social, political, and economic trends. Some of this problems may date back to the 1940s. The company instigates this polls during the same time and month each year and involves a poll’s core trend issue in the same manner. Through this consistent method Gallup manages to create a conducive environment for researchers to steadfastly scrutinize alterations in trend data.

The Gallup World Poll

Gallup uses this poll to monitor important issues that matter in all societies across the world. These issues include, food, shelter, well-being, employment, confidence, and personal safety. This poll is conducted through telephone and face to face interviews in over 160 nations using around 140 languages.Through this surveys, Gallup is able to establish the pressing problems worldwide.


A recent survey conducted by Gallup indicates that students in the United States of America are spending most of their time doing assessment exams than previous years. This move has led the local movements to quit standardized testing. As a result, the national progress on school performance has stagnated in contrast to other first world countries. From this particular survey, it is evident that the curriculum developers think that when students take several assessment exams become smart. In fact, this leads to the real value attached to assessment tests. To bring the education glory back, the policy makers must be ready to revise the manner in which schools in the country are running he education sector for the betterment of future generations.