Sample Essay Paper on Cover letter

Dear sir/madam

I was very much excited to learn about your advertisement on the position of a customer care in your company. Your firm is one of the fastest growing enterprises in the country, and everybody will be willing to work in the position advertised. Therefore, I wish to present my application. Today competition is very high among companies, therefore, customer friendly, timely services are highly required to enhance the growth of the enterprise.

To achieve this, the employer must employ the right professional to do the job of handling and assisting valuable customers. Following my long-term experience in the field, am therefore interested in the position in your company. The experience has taught me the greatest value of each customer and to reach every expectation of each client with reliable services. In addition to my customer care experience, I have excellent communication skills together with administrative skills that add me more advantage to the position.

The knowledge I have acquired over these years has taught me on how to maintain every customer for the benefit to my company. Also my tendency to put the interest of the company first makes me the most suitable employee for the position and these leads to the success of the enterprise. This position requires a person with a lot of experience in the field for efficient handling of our potential customers.

Am full of desire to work with this fast growing company in the country and abide by the regulations and policies, always to bring positive results and acceptable changes to the firm. My maturity and experience from other company will make me a better customer care agent; I would like to build continuity in my career with your organization. Therefore, it will be my pleasure to be considered for the position. I am looking forward to hearing from you.