Sample Essay Paper on Arrow Transportation System

Arrow Transportation is a technology company that offers transportation and distribution services within Canada and the U.S. The company is renowned for its innovative technology that connects its employees to its customers and the communities that surround its area of operation. For the last fifteen years, the company has been working on customized mobile technology solutions, where it introduced unique solutions approaches to technology development. Truck transport system is more preferable to other means of transport in Canada due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness (“Transportation and Warehousing” 4). Today, Arrow leads in offering transportation solutions through working with a diverse range of customers, with a variety of products, in addition to expanding its presence within Canada, as well as in the U.S.

Streamline Transportation Technologies is an affiliate of Arrow, which designs, as well as creates hardware and software for the operations in the transportation industry. Streamline Transportation Technologies has endeavored to lay the foundation of becoming the main driver of the company’s technology in the future. The technology company has instituted a revolutionary solution satisfy the increasing needs of trucking companies through technology. Streamline features include automated workflows, asset inspections, generated driver logs, geo-fencing, and track assets. All Arrow trucks are equipped with the streamline’s technology, which facilitates the most proficient transportation services to customers.

Streamline enable companies to integrate mobile technologies in their operations with a wider corporate infrastructure. The technology enhances fleet management by maximizing fleet utilization, in addition to minimizing asset costs. With millions of customers seeking transportation of goods, distribution of their products, and support services, Streamline Transportation Technologies has stood out as a company capable of offering high quality transportation solutions while charging competitive rates. The company utilizes Smartphones and tablets to install devices, which are moved from one truck to the other, thus allowing sharing of data at any given time. Through a comprehensive on-board computer technology, customers are assured of high-quality, affordable, and safe service.


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