Sample Essay on Preparing to Conduct Business Research

Healthcare funding care could best be solved using qualitative research design and approach; it is becoming more common in healthcare services research as it provides unique outcomes. Funding for healthcare programs is a complex phenomenon as there is a growing burden on governments, the existing expensive medical interventions, increased expectations by the communities and the ever increasing incidence of chronic diseases. This has proved to be a challenge in the future in reforming the industry. Since this is a complex problem, qualitative research design is best placed to provide solutions as it will fully describe the complexity of the phenomenon, it will adequately generate hypothesis about the problem at hand through open-ended discussions and observations. In addition, it will generate data that is easy to comprehend, understand, and develop qualitative measurement processes.

Benefits of using both approaches

Using both and quantitative methods are increasingly appreciated as valuable as they will capitalize on the strengths of both the approaches (Greene, 2007).   This will be in the form of collaborating findings, producing more complete data. Using both will improve on data evaluation by ensuring that the limitation of one type of data is balanced by the strength of the other (Greene, 2007).  There would be improved understanding of data as both methods would integrate different ways of knowing. The components of both methods may be performed concurrently or in sequence to achieve the results.

Qualitative research as the primary research method

Qualitative research methods become a primary research design, as it will develop concepts that will help clarify phenomena of the study giving emphasis to the meanings and views of all the research subjects.


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