Sample Essay on Nike and Adidas

Nike and Adidas are companies that supply sports attire. Sport clothing comes in different shapes, sizes and style. Furthermore, companies differentiate their products by branding. Sports branding is characterized by designs, forms and sizes. The first thing to do is to concentrate on the similarities between the two companies and their websites. This will be discussed below into details.


Both companies’ websites feature sports men and women as well as the young generation. The reason behind this is that they supply sportswear to these groups. Nike is a company that deals with the manufacture of sports shoes, clothing, bags, eyewear and accessories. The website incorporates pictures of men, women and kids participating in sports gloomed in sports attire. Adidas is a rival company that concentrates on the production and supply of Adidas branded sports clothing (

Second, in both situations the target users of the websites are sports people. These products facilitate sports activities. An athlete in full sports kits will be at ease undertaking sporting activities and has a high possibility of winning the competition as compared to those athletes without the kit.

The third comparison is on the outlook of the page where both sites use the names and images of celebrities in various sports fields to advertise their goods. Adidas uses Messi image and name to advertise sport shoes used by footballers. Nike on the other hand applies the images of Bill Bowerman in selling basketball shoes and kits (Mccartney).


Adidas’ main page uses black color. This enables client locate the items at ease. It complements the page layout structure that contains a variety of tubular clothings for men and women. Below the clothing’s are catalogues and company contacts. On the other hand, Nike makes use of blue and white colors on the home page. Layout differs a bit with the one used by Adidas in that it start with a welcoming statement for shoppers. Secondly, clothing featured are sweat pants usually preferred for runners. Moreover, we have more clothing line for different markets below it with a Price tags on them. Quality is a product feature that is widely discussed in this page. In addition, Nike provides in depth information about its business (Bolton 23).

Lastly, my point of view is that both companies endorsed celebrity in their advertisement. Celebrity branding is a factor that facilitates customer loyalty for the two institutions. It acts as an identification mark for the company’s products.

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