Sample Essay on ITM 501 Mod 3 Disc

Classroom salon is the combined brainwork of Professors Ananda Gunawardena a Computer Scientist, and David Kaufer, a humanist. This social media platform allows students to engage in discussions on standard subjects by adding notes. The notes are then combined to form a hotspot that acts as a center of conversation and interaction.

School lectures are not always fun and can be strenuous to the mind. This platform sounds great to me. After a solemn moment of concentration in class, a platform that allows me space to share my views and learn the views of others is good enough. Classroom salon is not a form of a gimmick at all as it offers more understanding of the hotspot; in a more exciting manner. Performance in lecture halls may be poor due to the negative attitude of students towards their instructors. Other lecturers do not aggregate their lectures with humor thus making learning so predictable and monotonous. Time allocation to lectures limits both students and professors to participate comprehensively in lectures. Classroom salon breaks the monotony of instructors as everyone is a teacher thus adding spice to teaching. The videos provide a broader base for understanding. The instructors know the areas of emphasis. There is no limitation to the time a student or lecturer can spend on the internet unlike in the lecture halls.

Social media aggregation has a long future. It is extensively replacing other tools of delivering news like television sets and newspapers. It is affordable to millions of people as it is accessible even through mobile phones. Social media platforms have long-term value as they provide fast widespread news. They are also educative as students exchange ideas on research projects. It gives a sense of connection with the world as friendships grow among people from all corners of the world. Antisocial individuals have the pleasure of freely interacting with others and share their ideas; an achievement they would never have realized in real life. Anyone who can browse the web and has access to the internet is interested in social media aggregation. While the youth may be interested in fun and academic sites, the elderly will look up any information about health and business.

I find these exercises useful as there is a sense of connection with the rest of the world. It provides a cheap way of entertainment as it is accessible from the comfort of our houses thus saving on transport costs to other entertainment joints like theaters and movies. It does not discriminate anyone in terms of cost as the subscription fee is the same the world over


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