Sample Essay on Greeley Hard Copy

Innovation situation that HP Greeley was confronting

The flatbed scanner business was quite promising because customer demand on the product was increasing significantly (Love, 2015). This presented a great challenge to the new portable model considering the market analysis.  Despite the unpromising market for the new model, the management went along to produce a portable scanner. Key persons were given the mandate to lead various fronts in the portable scanner project. However, coming up with the new model was proving quite difficult because of many challenges that came along. Among many attempts the company made to come up with a new model, little was realized and it only got as far as a lab prototype. It took quite a long period of time for the Company produces the new product because of general inertial on the old model.

How successful has the portable scanner project at HP Greeley been? What criteria would you use to judge its success?

The portable scanner project was not quite successful as a result increased customer demand on the flatbed scanner. Increased demand on the flatbed scanner led to increased reluctance to commit precious resources on the portable model (Love, 2015). More attention was given to the old model because it was still gaining more influence in the market.

There were several issues that did not favor the portable scanner project. One of the issues was that the prototype produced for the new device was bigger than expected. There were also challenges of miniaturizing the electronic components used in flatbed scanner in order to fit in the new model. The entire project was quite demanding in much aspect. It involved a costly exercise of miniaturizing electronic devices in order to fit in the new model and demanded more time and resource investment. The challenge of producing a small sized scanner and balancing the cost of production made the project take a longer time than it was expected.

Challenges presented by innovation

Innovations present several challenges in an organizational set up. In order to come up with new innovations, a thorough market analysis should be conducted to ensure the new innovation finds a good marketing base (Love, 2015). It is possible to come up with new innovations that might turn irrelevant as a result of lacking proper market base. On the other hand, it is always important to balance the cost of production in order to ensure the new product does not deviate far from the customers buying potential. In the case of the new portable scanner model, HP Greeley addressed the pricing issue by cutting the cost of production in order to ensure the price of the new product becomes reasonable. On the first attempt, the price of the new portable model indicated a cost higher than $1000. However, the marketing team was skeptical about the high price of the new commodity and demanded than the price to be dropped below $500 (Love, 2015). Through working out on the prototype, the engineers were able to present a model that would cost the customers less than $500.

At the end of the case, Faraci faces several options regarding how to handle Zorro. Which would you recommend, and why?

There were several options presented to Faraci at the end to enforce the portable model project. Being the leader in the company, he was expected to make a good decision that would support significant achievement in the company. Faraci was aware that HP labs doubted the commitment by Greely team to engage swipe technology.

The stalled portable projects presented reasonable issues behind its slow progress. However, it was very important to consider the marketing factor. The essence of coming up with new product is the ability of the product to gain acceptance in the market. If the chances of the product gaining acceptance are zero, the need for creating the product is baseless.

There was difficult option that presented as a result of the portable project and pressure from flatbed. One alternative was to cancel the portable project and empower someone else to pursue the swipe technology. The other alternative was to keep the portable initiative within the Greeley Hard Copy and ensure the portable project was separated from the main business.

I would firmly support the idea of creating separate group responsible for the portable project that would be reporting to Faraci directly. This step would call for appropriate structuring and resource sharing in order to ensure minimal disruption of business processes.


Love, G., (2015). Managing Innovations. University of Illinois