Sample Essay on Ethics of Sharing

Regarding the management of customers’ personal information, the company would comply with applicable regulations and laws and any other practice codes. Acquisition of customer information shall be undertaken through ethical and lawful means. There would never be any acquisition through inappropriate means and before any acquisition, the individuals concerned would be informed in prior of the intended acquisition. The company would use proper means to protect the customers from disclosure, destruction, loss, or alteration of their information.

Whenever an outside entity is entrusting with customer information, a deal shall be agreed never to divulge the employer information to anyone. The company shall also ensure that it supervises the management of the outside entity to monitor how it handles the information given. Any request from a customer for the information about them to be changed, deleted or just stopped, it must be done immediately after confirming that customer is indeed the one described by the information.

The company referenced for the purpose of this paper is Bandai Namco holdings. Some of the customer information that might require privacy includes the customer’s contact information such as phone numbers, point of contact and email address, customers’ purchasing power, and the customers’ preferences. In advance cases, it might include the work and income history, social relationship and even street address. These are very sensitive information

The company would have to use a variety of approaches to solve this dilemma. Options include the use of consequentialist approach, non-consequentialist, and age-centered approaches. “The right thigh to do” refers to the act, which would maximize happiness and reduce pain. This perspective is more ethical as it aims at making customers happier. It is also clear and ethically justifiable