Sample Essay on Ethical Issues Regarding the Collection of Unpaid Tuition Fees by Institutions

It is usually argued that higher education should make use of all the possible methods to collect tuition that is not yet paid. These include the withholding of the certified grade transcripts. However, a number of ethical concerns are raised in relation to this. In my opinion, this is an extremely unethical approach since it hinders the student in concern from getting the different opportunities with which they can secure employment and earn a living in relation to the attained certificates.

According to re Kuehn, the student should be allowed to pay the nominal transcript fee that allows them to collect their transcript. Subsequently, they can settle the remaining tuition fee balance. As indicated by the law, the provision of the transcript is an implicit part of the educational contract, which is covered by the fee that should be paid for course hours. It can be argued that the provision of a certified grade transcript is in a way different from the course hour’s fee that is paid since a separate fee for its collection is also normally required. Thus, the university cannot overcharge the student while making a negative impact on their future income opportunities.

Nonetheless, the lack of payment of tuition fee can be filed in the form of a bankruptcy petition as is in this case. As a result, it will be considered that although the student has not paid the full amount of tuition fee the obligation to do so have already been paid. The student thus has an obligation to be exempted from the same. With this, the denial of the grade certification is a violation against the stay.