Sample Essay on Defining the Project Dilemma and Questions

Management Dilemma

Musanada is a governmental company that is based in Abu Dhabi. The company is mandated to provide project management services, particularly to the government. As a project management company, Musanada believes in hybridization of flexibility together with the portfolio and program management as a means of service provision to the clients. Moreover, being a principal partner of the government, Musanada has a mission of being the key project management provider of not only the government of Abu Dhabi but also the other governments of the rest of the world. Therefore, the company is striving at maintaining and upholding its integrity as far as quality service provision is concerned. Being the principal provider of the project management services to the government of Abu Dhabi, Musanada has a vision of becoming the best project management company in the region. To be able to achieve this vision, the company intends to assist in the knowledge transfer, supporting with the help of the appropriate tools, as well as offering of the deployment-related services.

Management questions

Musanada is not the only company in Abu Dhabi that provides project management services. Therefore, it is important to note that there is the existence of competition in this field. As a result, Musanada as a company has no alternative but to compete favorably in the market of service provision. To be able to achieve this, the company needs to provide services that are of high quality, less costly, and within the provided period. Meeting these market needs requires Musanada to restructure its operations with the aim of achieving efficiency. One of the ways of achieving operational efficiency is by streamlining communication system both internally and externally. Communication is one of the success determinants of any business organization. A good communication system would ensure timely organizational operations be it with the staffs or the clients.

Apart from revolutionizing communication in the company, the managements of Musanada can also undertake a brainstorming session where they put their heads together. The coming together of the management team can assist in the generation of ideas that can help the company to improve its service delivery. Additionally, the company can also decide to engage in conducting of interviews mostly with the government officials with the aim of asking them on how best they would want the company to serve them. Besides, the company can also engage in feedback collection of data from the clients that they have served. During this exercise, the company can focus on how satisfied the customers are in regards to quality, cost, together with the time. The company can then make the necessary improvement based on the feedback they obtain. Moreover, Musanada can also invest in conducting researches especially in the areas that they feel needs improvement. Research would assist the company to come up with better and new ways offering project management services as a way of improving their quality.

Research Questions

Communication plays one of the integral roles of maintaining a project on track. Being a vital part of the management, it is the responsibility of the project manager to come up with a relevant and a workable communication plan. A communication plan can be an important tool for determining the effectiveness of the organization communication system. Assessing the communicating system of an organization is important because it reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the system for an appropriate action. It is important to note that communication system of an organization must coincide with the communication specifics. This implies that a good communication system must cater for the frequency and the method of the project. Most importantly, the project managers must be in a position of understanding the objective of the communication plan of the project to realize the goals of the project.

Secondary Sources

The external sources that were used in this study can be categorized into the following groups: public sources, government agencies, business, non-profit agencies, and proprietary sources. These secondary sources have assisted in the shedding of more light on the items that are discussed above for a better understanding. Below is the list of the sources that I used while researching the items above.Top of FormBottom of FormTop of Form

Bottom of Form

Bondale, Kiron “Team-Sourcing a Project Mission Statement Can Help to Build Your Team!”

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This source provided me with the framework of coming up with both the vision and mission of the Musanada project management company. The author has presented an elaborate approach on how an organization can successfully come up with the vision and mission depending on the area of operation. As a result, I found this source to be very helpful in researching for the above items.

 Karlin, B “Project Management: 8 Steps to On-Time, On-Budget Delivery.” CIO. 2013. Web.

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I found this source to be very instrumental as far as coming up with the ways of minimizing the cost of the service delivery is concerned. It provided me with eight well-detailed steps on how to operate within the budget to reduce financial losses. Moreover, it categorically put that cost and quality are the two factors that determine the performance of any business organization. Therefore, this source was crucial in helping me come up with ways that Musanada company can employ to operate at a minimum cost.
“Project Planning, Delivery, and Controls.” Project Planning, Delivery, and Controls. 1 July

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This source emphasized in project planning as a way of striking the balance between cost, quality and time. It was very handy in developing the above items because of the manner of which it has covered these three important variables. Most importantly, it offered me the insight of addressing question dealing with the management questions.
Shelley, Frost. “How Important Are Communication Plans for Project Managers?”Business.

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This article covered the importance of communication specifically to the project managers. Apart from discussing the importance of communication to the project managers, the source also featured ways of assessing and improving communication issues in an organization. Therefore, I used this source to address the items that pertained to communication.