Sample Essay on Defining the Problem Statement

Working Title: Charity Organizations, their beneficiaries, and their responsibility to donors

Background:  With its history dating back to as early as 1880s St Johns charity group has spread its services in the entire world making it be regarded as the oldest in the world (Preston, 2004). As one of charity organizations that receive the highest funding, St John’s is one of the highest beneficiaries all over the world. Its affiliation to the Catholic Church makes it morally undoubted due to the spiritual nature that it comes along with (Hehir, 2010).

Problem: Not overlooking the important role charity organization plays in our societies today, the general view of the individuals who are indirectly or directly associated with this organization is a matter that should be assessed. This study intends to demonstrate how stakeholders in charity view their contextual role. It specifically presents how these charity organizations utilize the funds they receive from donors and the impact they create to the society at large. With increased organizations claiming that they are carrying out charity activities out of their own goodwill and their donors’ the study tries to outline the relationship between donors and the personnel who are in charge of these charity organizations (Morton, 2014).

Purpose: The study aims at analyzing the distinct ways through which the beneficiaries of the various donations by St John utilize what they receive.

Research Objective:
  • To identify how beneficiaries utilize funds from St. John
    • To analyze if the funds provided are enough to sustain the beneficiaries
    • To make recommendations on the role of the charity organization to the public


Research Question
  1. How do charity organizations identify beneficiaries?
  2. How do the beneficiaries utilize the donations they receive
  3. Are donors satisfied with the role these charity organizations play in improving the livelihood of their beneficiaries?
Concept Map

For the research guide, the figure below will aid in analyzing how the research question will be answered.



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