Sample Essay on Communication in Organizations

Communication in a company refers to the passage of a company’s information between different individuals and departments in the company. Companies consist of people, and this makes communication the source of life in any company (Fielding & Fielding, 2005). Communication plays a major role in the workplace by informing employees of their roles and daily tasks. Communication can be used to inform employees about changes in the companies as well as reminding the employees of both short and long-term objectives of the company. Lastly, communication dictates how effective a training programme will turn out to be.

Companies can implement good communication plans through marketing their message (, 2015). Message marketing involves making the receivers of the message part of the communication process; this improves the communication process and thus the flow of information. The plan help the employees to identify the message frame and as such perform according to the requirements of their tasks. Effective message marketing provides a roadmap to monitor employees’ feedback in achieving SMART goals. The feedback from the employees provides the necessary resource for companies to set up effective and efficient strategies. Proper implementation of the strategies will aid in the process of implementing SMART goals thus making them attainable (Eunson, 2007).

In conclusion, plans are the steps that the company will take in the accomplishment of the SMART goals. The company should consider a communication plan that is not too bureaucratic, that is, a system that has little or no chain of command. The plan should not be too complex for the common employees at the bottom. The implementation and achievement of SMART goals are highly reliable on how effective is communication in the workplace; a poor communication plan will lead to underachievement the SMART goals.


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