Sample Essay on Case study: Sigma Marketing

From the perspective of marketing, Sigma marketing has done well for decades. However, it is key for the company to change its tact according to various environmental changes if it wants to enjoy the continued growth and success. It is however, worth noting that the case study fails to mention the inherent competition (Ferrell & Michael 465). Nevertheless, the Sigma has a certain niche that limits some of the competition likely to come from other organizations.

Identifying a need that has never been fulfilled is an imperative way of minimizing or rather eliminating competition. As a result, major problems from competitors are not envisaged in the case of the company (Ferrell & Michael 465). Note that Sigma is the initiator and founder of the services it offers. More so, the company has slowly, albeit gradually raised its bar to always remain relevant in the market.

Based on the text, advancement in technology is the manner in which organizations accomplish processes or tasks they utilize to come up with the considered new things (Ferrell & Michael 465). Therefore, there is no doubt that technology offer new marketing opportunities for firms which implement technological changes. Accordingly, Sigma has incredibly invested in training its staff in different aspects of technology advances. This implies that their continued commitment to remain as leaders in technology will offer competitiveness in the future.

In reference to administrative tools allied to e-commerce, the biggest challenge for the firm over years will be technology (Ferrell & Michael 465). Therefore, with the advancement in technology, Sigma may have to make some of its products in-house. Most significantly, the young generation will occupy a big chunk of the work force because they understand technology better compared to the current aging workforce.


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