Sample Essay on Business Studies

  1. Why is saving time so important?

Time is an important resource in the life of humans. It is important to save time since it is very limited. In addition, saving time ensures that one stays focused through all the tasks at hand. Saving time ensures that one is able to accomplish all the goals within the set duration of time.

  1. Describe the trends of poverty.

The trends of poverty include characteristics such as an increase in lack of employment and living standards which make it uncomfortable for a people to survive or cope in a society. Trends in poverty may also be lack of enough resources and basic needs within a society.

  1. In what ways is it possible to earn more business?

More business can be earned by ensuring consistent supply of the business goods and services. Determining the exact customer requirements and excellent customer care ensures an increase in the rate of business flow.

  1. What are the benefits of specialization?

Specialization ensures reduced opportunity cost in production. This means that more goods are produced; however, their prices are reduced. With this, customers benefit from attaining a larger quantity of goods. Specialization ensures that firms are exposed to the world market since they gain opportunities in the competitive sector. It also ensures that a nation is able to gain from its trade hence minimal losses.

  1. Who is Ray Kurzweil?

Ray Kurzweil is a computer scientist, an engineer at Google, who is also an inventor and doubles up as an author. He involves himself much in futuristic technology which majorly dwell on the extension of life, robotics, and nanotechnology.

  1. Explain exponential change, and list 3 examples in the reading.

Exponential change is the advancement in technology. Examples include artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and technological singularity.

  1. How will exponential changes in computer technology affect us according to Kurzweil?

According to Kurzweil, machine intelligence will exceed human intelligence. In the 21st century, people will not experience the common 100 years of progress; however, the development rate will be likened to 20,000 years of progress. According to Kurzweil, more machines will have taken the place of man for providing services in industries and organizations. This is likely to decrease the employment rate.

  1. What is The Singularity?

Singularity is a rapid change in the technological world which represents a rip apart in the structure of human history.

  1. What is Singularity University?

Singularity University is a beneficial corporation which offers different educational programs, partnerships for innovation to individuals, and a boost to individuals, investors, governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses to understand and utilize technological change positively.

  1. Name a technology that you use that is not in the reading, and document its exponential changes from inception to today and speculate on what you forecast it to be like in 2050.

Social media is one of the technologies I use mostly today. At its inception, it was not possible for one to link the social media content (Facebook) to an outward link. I visualize Facebook being used for video conferencing in 2050.

  1. What are three examples where exponential growth of biotechnology is critical to creating a world of abundance?

Biotechnology is important for application in fermentation technology, vaccination, and for plant and animal breeding.

  1. How can networks and sensors contribute to abundance?

Networks are important for communication purposes. They enable the transfer of information from the sender to the recipient and vice versa. Sensors, on the other hand, are useful in detecting particular characteristics in the environment. Sensors contribute to abundance by offering easy to use platforms for machines such as thermometers, and other micro machinery.

  1. How can Artificial intelligence benefit the transportation?

Artificial intelligence is beneficial to transportation since it offers fuzzy logic controllers which have helped in the development of automatic gearboxes in vehicles.

  1. Why do proprietary systems slow things down?

Propriety systems fully rely on licensed software from a copyright holder. Such may be operating systems or computer systems. They slow things down since they are restricted by the license terms to perform certain activities. With a propriety system, an individual can be able to use it; however, he or she cannot fully modify it in the desired way. This slows things down eventually utilizing more time than advocated for.

  1. Explain what 3D printing does.

3D printing ensures that layers are built for the special creation of three-dimensional solidified objects using a digital model.

  1. How will 3D printers change the world?

3D printers will bring about the customization of goods. This is because altering goods will not require retooling or long processes but just tweaking through the use of software instructions. There will be increased creativity in fulfilling the individual needs. 3D printers will ensure reduced prices of products as well as unique designs of items. On the other hand, the printers are likely to bring about the elimination of the supply chain management.

  1. How does 3D printing affect design?

3D will ensure that companies come up with their own custom designs other than the common designs previously used. In addition, there will be a reduced production timeline for manufacturers. There will be a shrinking time when it comes to the amount of time taken for a product to be designed and manufactured. 3D printing will ensure that there is an increase in the demand for quality from customers since most of them will have access to this kind of printing. Failure to invest in quality printing is likely to affect a business negatively. It is important to note that 3D printing will create room for greater creativity and innovation in terms of choice of design. Designers and manufacturers will remain on their toes to ensure that they stay on top of their game throughout.

  1. How can field of medicine be changed with improved technology?

The field of medicine can be changed with improved technology by its increase in effectiveness. Thus, this field will experience faster services and communication.

How do you believe this will change liability and responsibility for the medical field?

  1. What is a nanobot?
  2. How could you incorporate robotics into your daily routine, and what would you do with the extra time that you save?
  1. Why do technologies tend to travel faster in wealthier countries?
  1. How did Starbucks help the water problems for 1/2 million people?
  2. What is the “Smart Grid for Water?”
  3. What are the problems involved with solving sanitation?
  1. What is vertical farming?

Vertical farming is the use of skyscraper greenhouses for farming or the use of surfaces which are vertically inclined. Vertical farming uses a technique that is closely related to the use of glass houses. Natural sunlight is augmented  through the use of artificial lighting techniques.