Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Operations Management

Operations management

It is possible for companies to have a supply chain that is responsive and efficient. One way of achieving this is to align the supply chain strategy together with the business strategy. The goal of an efficient supply chain strategy is to deliver products that have a predictable demand pattern at the lowest possible cost (Fisher, 2011). The driving force behind the responsive supply chain is the reduction of the out of stock and the overstock conditions that are associated with the products that have a relatively uncertain demand. There is no boundary for the purpose of investing in the planning systems until both efficiency and responsiveness goals are reached (Fisher, 2011).

According To Fisher, the investment opportunities in a particular company can increase both the degree of efficiency and responsiveness of the supply chain (Fisher, 2011). At the Moog Inc Company, lean methods to eliminate wastes are used; this increases the efficiency (Fisher, 2011). At the same time, the increased selected inventory buffers by using sophisticated models for segregating certain problems, this increases the efficiency resulting to greater responsiveness to the customer. A company can manage to improve both efficiency and responsiveness by creating a sustainable competitive advantage through the implementation of an intelligent business operation working style (Fisher, 2011). The intelligent business activities have been found to be effective in improving the business processes (Fisher, 2011).

In conclusion the future supply chains will need to have both efficiency and responsiveness and therefore, it is possible for the supply chains to be efficient and responsive. It is advisable to start forming federated partnerships, the sharing of resources and become a reliable mover in driving the greater value for the customers, the consumers and shareholders. The ability to differentiate a company will greatly depend on the design of the supply chain.


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