Sample Creative Writing Paper on Outline for Human Resource Issues –Phoenix Advertising

  1. Purpose for investigating

The investigation was aimed at establishing the reasons for customer dissatisfaction with the company’s services. The investigations took place at Virginia, in one of the company’s agencies. The general nature of the problems in the agency relates to human resource management.

  1. General approach to investigating the causes of each problem
  2. Interviews
  3. Face to face interview with five employees from the Graphics and Design Department.
  4. Telephone interview
  • With the head of the graphics department.
  1. Face to face, interview with all ten employees during a group meeting.
  2. Another approach of investigation
  3. Use of manual questionnaire for the head of graphics design.
  4. Web-based questionnaires for ten employees.
  5. Another way of investigation-Use of secondary sources
  6. Review of literature from academic journals
  7. Review of case studies from peer-reviewed journals.
  • Literature review from books.
  • Overall findings for the investigations about the underlying issues
  1. Job dissatisfaction
  2. The job dissatisfaction was caused by the fact that the employees felt that they were not involved in the company’s decision-making regarding the change of work.
  3. This has a negative impact on the morale of the employees and may reduce the profitability of the business due to poor productivity.
  4. Lack of communication
  5. The directors do not appreciate the efforts of the employees and they do not involve them in decision-making.
  6. The lack of two-way communication demoralizes the employees and it may lead to loss of major talent s in the organization.
  7. Poor working conditions
  8. The employees worked for long hours and they were not compensated for the additional work.
  9. This affects the employees negatively and the business may end up losing experienced employees to its competitors.
  10. Overall recommendation
  11. Job dissatisfaction
  12. This is a threat to the success of the business because the employees are unlikely to put effort in meeting the objectives of the company.
  13. The company should involve the employees in its decision-making process to avoid the feeling that their talents are not applicable in the company.
  14. Poor communication
  15. The company’s failure to communicate about the decisions of the company demoralizes the employees as they feel the pressure of the dictatorship in the company.
  16. Establishing effective communication channels is crucial to the success of the business.
  • The employees could be provided with a suggestion box where they can leave their comments about the running of the business.
  1. Poor working conditions
  2. The company makes the employees work for long hours so as to increase its profitability but this is not likely to work for the organization.
  3. The employees need good working conditions to be motivated to work. The company, therefore, needs to compensate the employees accordingly. Further, they should only work for extra hours on a voluntary basis (Spinelli and George 30).
 Informal Field-Investigation Report

This report describes the methods used to investigate the problems associated with customers’ dissatisfaction at Phoenix Advertising agency.  The solutions recommended in this report will be useful to the agency in developing appropriate strategies t deal with the situation.  The investigations occurred in Virginia, in one of the company’s agencies.

The investigation was done using three main techniques namely questionnaires, interviews, and secondary sources. The sample was sufficient for the investigation as it involved all the employees who were involved in ensuring high-quality goods in the company.  The methods of investigation were selected due to their relatively cheap cost thus making the study affordable.

The following were the results of the investigation
  1. Job dissatisfaction by the employees due to the feeling that their talents were underutilized by the company.
  2. Poor communication between the management and the employees thus lowering the productivity of the company.
  3. Poor working conditions led to the loss of morale for the employees and it is a threat to the success of the business due to low productivity.


The major causes of the problems in the agency include job dissatisfaction, poor communication, and poor working conditions. This has a negative impact on the business because it can hardly meet its objectives. Low morale by the employees leads to poor productivity and consequently affects their productivity.

The challenges faced by the company can be solved using the following means.
  1. Job rotation to contain the job dissatisfaction by the employees
  2. Establishing good communication channels within the organization and acting upon the feedback provided by the employees (Koys 112).
  • Compensating the employees for the work done on extra hours.
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