Sample Coursework Paper on Wayne Mutual and Colonial Life

A.M Best consumer insurance is protected bythe U.S.A copyright laws on images, photos, graphics, and charts it posts of the companies licensed or owned by A.M Best Company.Wayne Mutual Insurance Company financial strength rating is B++. This rating means that Wayne Mutual InsuranceCompany is able to meet all its current insurance obligations.Therefore, Wayne Mutual is able to pay any claims made to it by its insurance policy holders as long as they are valid.Other ratings by A.M Best Company are A++,A+, which means a company has greatercapability to meet its financial obligation.Secondly,A,A- means a company has outstandingcapacity to meet itscontinuingcover obligation.Thirdly, B, B- means a company has a reasonablecapability to meet its financial obligation but this situation is likely to change in case of undesirable change in economic situations.

Wayne Mutual Insurance Company is a corporationa person could feel safe to buy insurance policy from.This is because the company rating according to A.M Best is B++, which implies that it has a fine ability to meet current insurance obligations.Even in the caseofunpleasant economic changes, Wayne Mutual Insurance Company will still have the ability to pay.

A.M Best rates the financial state of Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company, which is based in South Carolina at A. This implies that the company has an outstandingcapacity to meet its continuingcover obligations. Therefore, Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company would be a better company for a person to buy an insurance policy than in Wayne Mutual. Thecompany’s financial condition is better and it is not susceptible to difficult changes in underwrite and economic conditions.