Sample Coursework Paper on Team Charter, Resume and Cover Page


To secure employment at Waaden Consulting Inc as a team bonding facilitator


Degree received: business studies

Graduation date:


Related course work:
  • Public administration
  • Marketing
  • Team management
  • Professional development
  • Leadership skills

Participated in a community volunteer program

  • Acted as a team leader;
  • Provided services to community members

Chairman business club in high school

  • Organized the club and its activities
  • Mobilized registration of fellow students into the club
  • Organized symposiums and debates for the club

Language: Spanish, English.

Technical: Microsoft Word, Access and Excel, social networking.

Interest: meeting new friends, bonding and travelling.



Your address

City, state zip code

5th April, 2016.


Director of Worldwide Consulting, Inc (WCI)

Waaden Consulting Inc,


City, state zip code


Dear sir/madam:

In line with your advertisement dated 25th March, 2016 that featured on one of the daily newspapers, I am writing this application letter to express my interest for the position of a team bonding facilitator at your company. Following my education background, I have vast experience in business management and administration.

I am passionate about teambuilding as your institution focuses on doing. In addition, I have vast experience in teambuilding and management. Since I was in high school, I have been involved in teambuilding at various levels. At one time, I was involved in building a team of business students while at another time, I was involved in building a team of volunteers in our community. In line with your mission to improve teamwork at organizations worldwide, I believe my vast experience in teambuilding will be a resource at your company.

I look forward to discussing more details regarding my qualifications with you in person when you invite me for an interview. For the interview, you can reach me via my phone number. I am available for the interview any time of the week from Monday to Friday.





This document is an agreement that five of us have developed to guide our team in achieving a five-year plan. The document highlights some rules and regulations that we adhere to as a team. I am the team leader and Anne is my assistant.

  • Cooperate in whatever we do
  • Continually work towards our goals
  • Conduct efficient meetings after every two weeks
  • Create an environment that is favorable to each one of us
  • Care for one another by regulating our emotional intelligence

With regard to communication, we have agreed that each of us will contribute towards the development of our team. Accordingly, even if the team leader will have an overall responsibility of organizing what goes on in the team, team members will play significant roles in decision making processes through effective communication (McComb et al., 2012). This means that we shall all collaborate in making decisions and deciding the direction our team should take.


For effective collaboration, we have resolved that each team member will play a specific role in the team. Personally, I am the team leader; John and Anne are responsible for resolving conflicts whereas Smith is the team’s coordinator and Susan the team’s time keeper and compliance manager.


For the team to operate effective, I have been selected the team leader. I am responsible for the daily running of the team in terms of organizing team members and making critical decisions when necessary. On the other hand, a dispute resolution team comprising of two members has been developed to help in efficient management of the team. In addition, Susan has been selected to be the team’s compliance manager.

Managing disagreements

We have agreed that any time disagreements arise amongst us; John together with Anne will be responsible for resolving conflicts. In doing this, we acknowledge the fact that disagreements can be resolved in different ways, and to avoid such a scenario that may be problematic we have resolved to form a disagreement resolution committee comprising of the two members.

Contingency plan

In order to mitigate potential risks that may arise during decision-making processes, we have resolved to utilize consensus method. However, when this method fails to resolve such risks, we shall utilize either secret ballot or majority rule (Byrd, & Luthy, 2010). In both cases, the team leader will be responsible for organizing the team as it moves towards resolving the issues.


Strengths and weaknesses

As a team leader, I believe that delegating duties to other team members helps in developing leadership skills in them. For this reason, I will from time to time delegate certain duties to other team members. At the same time, I will utilize my vast experience in teambuilding to unite the team members. As for my weaknesses, I will try as much as possible to give my team members to contribute in group development. This means that even if I will be the team leader, I will not be an authoritarian leader. Instead, I will give other team members time to contribute in teambuilding and making critical decisions.


Byrd, J., & Luthy, M. (2010). Improving group dynamics: Creating a team charter. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 14(1), 13–26.

McComb, S. et al. (2012). The five Ws of team communication. Industrial Management, 54(5), 10–13.