Sample Coursework Paper on Management Decision and Control

The decision-making and control strategies at Procter & Gamble and Panasonic involve the centralization of decision-making towards the headquarters and a decentralization of decision-making processes towards various branches respectively. It should be noted that the future management decision-making for the two companies may be influenced by various factors. First, trade barriers may affect normal operations of the two companies thus affecting future management decision-making (Luthans et al, 2012). Second, global price fluctuations may prompt a reexamination of the embraced strategies thus affecting or rather influencing future management decision-making. Thirdly, political factors in various countries would affect the future decision-making and controlling strategies embraced by the two companies. Put simply, trade barriers and global fluctuations of the prices of products may force Proctor & Gamble to reexamine its decision of centralizing decision-making towards its headquarters (Combe, 2014). This would allow decisions to be made in its subsidiaries in various countries. On the other hand, decentralization of Panasonic’s decision-making processes would be influenced by trade barriers as well as political factors in various countries, and these would prompt reconsideration or a reexamination of the same.

It is expected that Procter & Gamble and Panasonic should embrace various control criteria to evaluate their operations and determine how well they are doing. First, the two companies should leverage on the managers and subordinate staff at the operational level to provide them with vital information regarding how operations and other factors are being undertaken. Second, the collection of feedback from customers from various locations and at various levels would prove pivotal (“How we evaluate companies,” 2015). With these, there is no doubt that the two companies will evaluate their operations and determine how well they are doing.


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