Sample Case Study Paper on Case Response

There is a need to implement activities in businesses that are sustainable in a way that the return on investments can pay off or helps the company to remain operational given their price model. There is a notion that prices offered by businesses need to be pegged on prevailing market situation, as well as what competitors offer. However, businesses such as Bamboo Worldwide can implement a pricing model that is based on a win-win scenario. This can be achieved by offering quality services to clients in order to remain competitive and enable it achieve its operational goals.

As a challenge within the business, Bamboo Worldwide needs to implement techniques of handling competition and its selling process. In this way, the business would lure all prospecting customers to its fold by charging reasonable prices while on the other hand remain sustainable. The business can also implement cost reduction strategies as well as ways of increasing sales within the market. The business should build other relationships as a way of increasing its customers. This could be done through business development to enable the business to capture all prospecting customers. In addition, an analysis would enable the business to identify the unfavorable business segments to reduce costs incurred by establishing unreliable relationships that are costly to the business.


Finally, there is a need to revamp the sales process and workforce within the business. This will reduce instances of double helix trap and employee burnout. The business needs to invest in profitable ventures that may increase revenue because of an effective sales management process, which will also increase the revenue for the business to enable it hire more staff.