Sample Case Study paper on Analyzing Aramex and Rotana Hotels Environmental Dynamics

Task Environmental Force/Factor
Company 1.


Company 2.
Rotana Hotels
Customers – Aramax is a transportation and logistics company, which mainly offers freight (ocean, air and motor), express, and mail delivery services.

– Its customers can be categorized to either individuals or businesses. Individual customers need Aramax services, such as mail deliveries whereas businesses require freight services, such as transportation of goods or raw materials.

– Rotana Hotels serve a wide range of customers due to their broadrange of services ranging from hospitality to tourism.

– It attracts individuals and families who want to have a great experience in their hotel and resort facilities.

– Most of its hotel and restaurant branches have conference rooms to suit various business meetings, as well.

Competitors – There are a lot of companies operating in the transportation and logistics industry.

– Aramex faces both internal and international competition from local companies in the countries they have established and international courier companies respectively.

– The biggest and well established competitor is DHL International GmbH, which is a renowned mail and express delivery company internationally.

– Other agents of competition are UTi Worldwide Inc. and Agility Public Warehousing Co. K.S.C.

– The hotel industry has a lot of participants hence any business would be vulnerable to competition.

– Rotana hotels face local and international competition

– Local competition include Jumeirah’s hotels, the Hyatt Hotels and the  St. Regis who are actively opening new resort and hotel branches

– The Hilton and the Sarova hotels and resorts offer international competition.

Suppliers Aramex has engaged its business with various suppliers

–          Technology suppliers to meet the demand for new and advanced technology

–          Fuel suppliers for its carriers

–          Vehicle, aircraft, and ship parts supplies

–          Security suppliers

Rotana obtains supplies from the following;

–          Furniture and fittings companies

–          Technology suppliers

–          Laundry service

–          Security suppliers

–          Food (including drinks) suppliers.

Stakeholders Aramex major stakeholders are;

–          Employees

–          Patronized entities and initiatives, such as Ruwwand Al Tanmeya

–          Relevant parties in the supplies chain who depend on Aramex transportation (freight customers)

–          Company investors


Rotana Hotels major stakeholders are;

–          Employees

–          The government

–          Hotel investors

–          Hotel partners

–          Hotel guests

Government Aramex operates locally and internationally, and it has to operate under the given government provisions of the countries they engage. This could be licensing or other foreign direct investments. – Governments change rules and regulations regarding business operators e.g. change of tax policies.

– Rotana stands to be affected in case of government changes and legal structure.

Pressure Groups – Consumer rights groups

– Freight safety units

– Consumer rights groups

– Tourist protection units

Economic Conditions Aramex is affected by both the local and the global economies;

–          Inflation

–          Fluctuating fuel prices

–          Infrastructure levels (air, railroad, and water networks)

–          Expo 2020

The economic environment affecting Rotana Hotels comprise;

–          Unemployment levels

–         Tourism movement patterns

–          Inflation

–          Expo 2020

Political/Legal Conditions Aramex operates under regulations and policies set by government authorities in the countries they operate

–          Transport agencies (air, water, and railroad), such as UAE General Civil AviationAuthority (GCCAA) and International AviationAgencies for airfreight.

–          Transport ministries in the countries they operate.

–          Immigration departments, especially on international transportation.

The political and legal environment to impact hotel industry through;

–          International tourism agencies

–          Tourism departments across U.A.E, such as DDTCM (Dubai Department ofTourism and CommerceMarketing)

–          Relevant countries’ ministries of tourism

–          Municipalities with these hotels.

Social cultural The social and culture issues that can affect Aramex include;

–          Security of freight or other items on transit

–          Client preference i.e. to use airfreight or railroad or ocean freight facilities


Rotana Hotels social cultural environment include;

–          Customer nationalities

–          Hotel security issues

–          Customer religions e.g. Muslim forbidden from eating pork

–          Customer taste, needs, and preferences

Global – Liberalization of the international market has made it possible for Aramex to expand and engage in acquisition of more branches in various countries hence gaining ground in the global market.

– Global advancement in the communication and information industry has made it possible for Aramex to reach the global market faster and more conveniently through IT services


– There has been global increase in demand for tourism facilities hence making Rotana one of the best tourist destination facilities.

– Information technology has globally advanced to enhance Hotel industry and Rotana Hotels have taken advantage of IT to increase its popularity through online services such as advertising and online bookings.

Technological Conditions  Recent technological advancements have improved Aramex operations. Some of the technology application areas include;

–          Obtaining the most modern models of motor and air carriers

–          Trackers/tracking gadgets for their carriers

–          ShopGo product for e-commerce

–          REDe product to enhance online selling business

–          Website platform for individuals and businesses to keep track of their freight or shipment (


Technology has made a big impact in Rotana Hotels activities:

–          Online booking for hotel facilities

–          Free WI-FI surfing for the customers

–          Information technology, for instance, hotel networks and highly advanced call centers

–          Modern and flash electronic gadgets to enhance hospitality