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The next move on combating cybercrimes and protecting customers from identity theft, financial theft and snooping of client’s confidential information is the company’s priority. Apart from combating the rampant cybercrimes on the internet and company system, it is also our intension to bring the perpetrators of the crimes to justice. Using this approach customer can rely and trust the company’s dedication towards the security of their information and finances. Furthermore, the company has rolled out a massive project to recover lost wireless and smart devices for their customers. In response to the massive loss of important information on personal computers and mobile devices, the company also aims to come up with a data recovery center for the customers.

After a spammer infected over 2.5 million computers, it has come to the firm’s attention that there is need to handle the issue from a legal perspective. That way the company has won a case against the spammer and now has the control rights of the spammer server. From there the company has stopped the spam from infecting any more computers and has offered clients with a cleanup application to eliminate the spam from their computers. Through the team of expert in the lab over 100,000 computers, laptops and smart phones have been traced and recovered safely. The company has  A complex research and data recovery center where clients can have their data back within second.

Therefore, as a company we value the customer security, confidentiality and value for their money. With the newly built data recovery center the company customer do not have to worry anymore of the loss of sensitive information or login passwords. The company is also dedicated to seeing that cybercriminals get the right punishment for their actions.