Sample Argumentative Essay on Move NY Fair Plan Discussion

Emanating from a diverse coalition of stakeholders who represent important figures contributing to New York’s growth and economy, Move NY Plan emphasizes on changing the transportation sector by implementing a solution that provides toll equity, reduces congestion, and raises revenue and funds for transit projects. With these in place, the plan insists that urban economic growth is ensured.

The merits of the plan are evident in the various solutions it proposes. First, the plan suggests that tolls should be set on a logical formula, and this means that higher tolls should be set where transit options are most available, and lower tolls should be set in areas where transit is not available or is a less viable option. The plan argues that the rationalization of tolls could see vehicle trips in and out of the CBD highly-priced while those trips with non-CBD destinations or origins lowly priced. Through this, the movement of vehicles within the CBD could be discouraged, and a huge step towards urban economic development could be made. Moreover, the plan suggests that the tolling system should remain fair and consistent to reflect relative congestion levels and easy accessibility of transit alternatives (“The Move NY Fair Plan,” 2015).

Second, the plan proposes congestion pricing in a bid to help address traffic congestions. In line with this, the plan suggests that the MTA should be given authority to come up with ‘peak/off-peak’ schedule. According to the plan, the schedule could see higher pricing during weekday rush hour and lower pricing during off-peak hours particularly on the weekends and in the evenings. The plan suggests that the congestion pricing should also apply to taxis and app-based car services (“The Move NY Fair Plan,” 2015). Congestion pricing as suggested by the plan is a huge boost to urban economic opportunity.

Third, the plan suggests transit funding in the bid to help address congestion. In line with this, the plan proposes that $1.5 billion dollars should be raised annually, and this should be invested in roads, transit, and bridges (“The Move NY Fair Plan,” 2015). The result will be an expansion of transit systems that could see a significant development of the urban economic structure.


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